Are you big?

Are you big?


With the continuous progress of society and the changes in people’s aesthetics, sex underwear is a must -have for the spring night that is loved by women, and has received more and more attention and favor.Among them, large -size sexy underwear, exposed milk, sexy underwear, and opening sexy underwear have been favored by many women, becoming one of the most popular sexy underwear at the moment.

What is a large -size sexy underwear?

Large -size sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear wearing the fat women.They all have large -scale styles, using soft materials, soft and comfortable, and they are very comfortable to wear.

The style of large size sex lingerie

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Large -size sexy underwear is very rich, such as suspended sexy lingerie, exposed milk sexy underwear, butterfly shoulder -like sexy underwear and so on.Different styles have different characteristics, and women can choose according to their preferences.

What is dew milk underwear?

Destroyed sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear exposed to the female breast.This sexy underwear generally has a low -cut, flat shoulder strap, or only a bras, which can make female breasts more full and sexy.

Types of exposed milk underwear

There are many types of exposed and sexy underwear. They mainly include bray -style exposed milk sexy underwear, suspender -style exposed milk sexy underwear, milk -type exposed milk sex lingerie and so on.Women can choose according to their bodies and preferences.

What is the sexy underwear?

Open -gear sex underwear refers to a sexy underwear with a crotch plug or opening the crotch.This kind of sexy underwear can complete sex without taking off underwear, which is very convenient and practical.

Types of opening sexy underwear

The types of sexy underwear are also very rich and diverse, such as the opening of the V -shaped opening, the opening of the T -shaped opening, the openings of the shoulder straps, and so on.Women can choose according to their preferences and practicality.


How to choose a large -size sexy underwear?

When women choose large -size sexy underwear, they need to pay attention to:

The style is suitable for your body;

The fabric is soft and comfortable;

Choose appropriate colors and patterns.

How to choose dew milk underwear?

When women choose exposed milk underwear, they need to pay attention to:

Try to choose a style that suits you;

Choose underwear cups that suits your breast size;

Choose comfortable materials.

How to choose a sexy underwear?

When a woman chooses to open the stall’s sexy underwear, it needs to pay attention to:

Choose a style that suits you;

It is necessary to ensure that the opening of the crotch is suitable for you;

Comfortable and breathable fabrics are the primary factor.

in conclusion

Large -size sexy lingerie, exposed milk, sexy lingerie, and opening sexy underwear are very popular sexy lingerie styles. Women need to choose according to their own shape and preferences when purchasing. At the same time, pay attention to material and applicability.Interesting underwear truly serves its own needs and life.