Do men buy women’s sexy underwear?

Men buy women’s sexy underwear?

In the market of sexy underwear, in addition to women, there are also men to buy.It can be seen from some online store platforms that some men also buy women’s sexy underwear. What is the reason for this?

I think women’s sexy underwear sexy

Some men think that women’s sexy underwear is very sexy, and both styles and colors are very attractive.This underwear is different from ordinary underwear. It is more full of mystery and temptation, stimulating men’s visual senses, so there are men who buy gifts to give their girlfriends, wives or love objects.

Hope to make women more sexy

Some men buy women’s sexy underwear to hope that their girlfriends and wives can put on their favorite underwear more sexy, so deep psychological needs are to get more sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

Women’s sexy underwear quality

The quality of women’s erotic lingerie can be said to be very good, and their materials, processing, and design are carefully sophisticated.Some men may think that the design of women’s sexy underwear is more refined than men’s sexy underwear, so they will choose to buy women’s sexy underwear to meet their taste needs.


The price of women’s sex lingerie is relatively high, because their design should be more sophisticated, and the fabrics and workmanship required are relatively high -end.Although the price is more expensive, some men will feel that buying appropriate women’s sexy underwear is a more advanced consumption.

Size and body shape

The size of women’s sex lingerie is closely related, and there are differences in underwear size of different brands.Some men choose the appropriate size and suitable style when buying women’s sexy underwear, so that women can feel more comfortable and confident.

Self -use

In addition to buying women’s sexy underwear for girlfriends, wives, and love objects, some men also buy women’s sexy underwear for their own use to meet their sexual fantasy needs.But this situation is relatively rare.

the way of buying

Men’s sexy underwear is generally carried out through network channels. Generally, they do not go to the shop to buy it, because it is easy to attract the attention and doubts of others.Buying women’s underwear online is relatively hidden, and it is not easy to be seen by others.

Men’s risk of buying women’s sexy underwear

Men need to pay attention to risks in the process of buying women’s sexy underwear.Because this is a relatively private thing, it is easy to be misunderstood as an attentive.In addition, if you are not sure that women’s body size and wear preferences, etc., buying inappropriate women’s sexy underwear will not only increase economic costs, but also lead to an awkward situation.


Although the phenomenon of men’s sexy underwear is not common, the psychological needs behind them need attention.Women’s erotic underwear has attracted the attention of some men due to its own design, quality, and price, but you need to pay attention when buying to ensure your own and women’s rights.

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