Girlfriend wearing a sexy lingerie double horse

Girlfriend wearing a sexy lingerie double horse

Girlfriend wearing a sexy lingerie double horse

When your girlfriend wants to wear sexy underwear, will you be a little confused?Don’t worry, this article will take you to understand love underwear, which may help you choose a sexy lingerie style suitable for your girlfriend.Among them, Shuangma is one of the sexy underwear styles, which can highlight the body of women. Let’s talk about it below.

What is a double horse?

Double horses are a female sexy underwear style. Its design is characterized by both shoulder straps and waist tie. It can be divided into three different styles: one -shoulder twin vest, triangular twin vest and chest -shaped double horses.These three styles have their own unique styles and applicable occasions. When choosing, you need to match according to specific needs.

Double horses and women of different figures

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1. Suitable for women with full breasts

For women with full breasts, the double -horse underwear style of the chest type is very suitable.Such a design can highlight the plump chest advantage and make the figure more beautiful.

2. Suitable for women with less full breasts

For women who are not full of chest, twin vests are a better choice, because it can enhance the visual effects of the upper body and make the chest look fuller.

3. Suitable for women with moderate breast size

For women with moderate breast size, triangular shoulder twin vest is the best choice. It can make the chest lines more prominent and show the beautiful curve of women.

Women wearing dual -horse sexy underwear occasion

1. Charm on the bed

Shuangma underwear is more sexy and charming in bed, which can make women more tempting and charm.At the same time, Shuangma underwear is also very suitable for different sex toys to make the bed more likely.


2. Sexual Party

At this moment, wearing sexy underwear is very common.Choosing double -horse underwear can make women present a very interesting image and have more visual impact.

3. Daily wear

Shuangma underwear can also be used in daily wear, such as thin shirts or loose sweaters and T -shirts.It can not only make sexy and elegant coexistence, but also make women more confident.

How to match dual -horsepower underwear

1. Straight pants

Two -horse underwear with straight pants, the contours are extremely clean, and can also show the good figure of women.It is good and beautiful, and complement each other.

2. Short skirt

The double -horse underwear with a slightly shorter skirt, randomly spread out, the body rules have doubled, and the charm is better than half a bargain.

3. Club

The design of the shoulder strap and the vest can be perfectly matched. The style of the vest can be selected according to the needs of the occasion. Some black hollow vests and triangular shoulder twin vests can show the sexy of women.

in conclusion

Double horse sex lingerie is exquisitely designed, which is very suitable for women in bed, parties and usual wear.There are different styles for different figures and preferences.Through reasonable matching, women can show sexy body charm and make it difficult to resist.