How to get rid of sex underwear?

How to get rid of sex underwear?

Sex underwear must be completely processed

Different from ordinary underwear, the nature of sexy underwear is special, so you need to make some special treatment before discarding, so as not to cause other problems.The following is a specific method of discarding sex underwear.

Remove the accessories and accessories

There are usually some suspenders, lace, lace, sequins and other accessories or accessories. These parts are not easy to decompose and have pollution and damage to the environment.Therefore, before throwing them out, they need to be completely removed and recycled them separately.

Classified recycling

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When discarding sexy underwear, it needs to be recycled.If the fabric can be recycled, the jewelry category can be sent to the decorative shop. The plastic sheet can be thrown into the plastic trash can. Metal items also need to be placed separately and mark it to sort and recycle.

Completely clean

Because sexy underwear is exposed to private and body secretions, it is necessary to do thorough cleaning before discarding.It is best to use special detergents and high -temperature disinfection methods to re -clean, dry and pack them.Thoroughly cleaning avoids the infection of odor and germs.

A ironing and disinfection

After the thorough cleaning is completed, it is necessary to iron and disinfect it to kill bacteria and viruses.You can use ordinary electric iron or professional steam iron to iron and disinfect the sexy underwear.

Don’t discard it at will

Interesting underwear is a personal item. Do not throw it into a public trash can when discarding it. This will pollute the environment without respecting the feelings of others.It is best to put it in a closed bag, paired with labels or classified colors, or send it to the garbage treatment center.

Can’t donate or sell

Sex underwear is a private item and should not be sold or transferred again.Similarly, these items cannot be donated to others at will, because this may bring hidden health hazards.If you need to deal with these items, professional disinfection and classification should be performed.

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Avoid the corners from being played by the child

The sexy underwear is more delicate, and the corners of the underwear can not be used by the child to make toys, otherwise it may cause accidental damage such as suffocation.


When discarding sexy underwear, hidden secrets should be retained.If the appearance of throwing is not proper, it will often make people feel embarrassed.It is recommended to deal with it as much as possible before you throw it away.

Focus on personal ecological civilization

Finally, in the process of rejection of sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to personal ecological civilization and comply with relevant laws and regulations.The loss of sex underwear and abandonment, in the process, we must have a good awareness and responsibility of sanitation, so as not to abuse resources, waste, and protect the environment and the earth.


For the discarding treatment of sexy underwear, it needs to be classified and recycled, completely cleaning and disinfection. Do not discard it at will, cannot be donated or sold, can not be allowed to play with other trash cans.May be responsible for the environment and others.