How to get the name of the female sex lingerie store

How to get the name of the female sex lingerie store

How to get the name of the female sex lingerie store


Women’s sexy underwear market is fiercely competitive. To stand out, in addition to unique products and services, it also needs a nice and memory store name.This article will explore the name of the name of women’s sexy underwear store from different angles.

High main products

The characteristics of women’s sex lingerie are sexy and interesting, and the name of the store can highlight this feature.For example, "the law of idiots", "obsessed with beauty", etc., through the combination of words, emphasize the characteristics of sexy, charm and other products related to the main products.

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Add brand element

Many brands of sexy underwear have their own characteristic elements, such as the pink of Agent Provocateur and the lines of La Fille D’O.When named, you can add these elements to enhance brand awareness and recognition.Such as "pink cherry blossoms", "curve beauty" and so on.

Give play to regional characteristics

Regional characteristics refer to the characteristics formed by characters and cultural customs in different regions.Women’s sex lingerie stores can also use regional characteristics to create their own brand image, such as "honey pomelo" and "night Shanghai".

Name Miao Lianzhu

In the wonderful words, the name of a women’s sexy lingerie shop has both poetic and implicated. It is not only easy to remember, but also full of charm.For example, "slim waist", "pretty hips fly" and so on.

Consider commercial value

Good women’s sexy underwear stores can become an important asset of the brand, and business value cannot be ignored.For example, the store name of Luxury brands such as LV and Gucci has high commercial value.You can learn from the naming methods of these brands, and express the core value of the brand in practical and simple languages.

Learn for philosophical ideas


Philosophy often has a certain beautiful image in the minds of the public, which can be used to conceive the name of women’s sexy underwear.For example, the attractive names such as "the Spring Festival" and "the belief of love" are not only rich in cultural connotation, but also impressed people.

Font design

The font design is a part that cannot be ignored in the name of the store name. The moment the font determines whether the store name is recognizable and aesthetically.Making good use of different font design can cleverly combine numbers, Chinese characters, English letters, etc. to create unique store names, such as "Bra Mail" and "LJ Lady".

Learn from the artistic conception of other languages

There are rich images and poetry in different languages, and can also become the name material of women’s sexy underwear shop names. For example, the French "La Perla" means "pearl", and German "Sinnlich" means "perceptual".

Derivative brand slogan

A nice brand slogan can leave a long -term impression in the customer’s heart, and it can naturally derive a store name.For example, when you see the brand slogan of "stealing love you", it is easy to think of "stealing the fun underwear shop".


The name of women’s sex underwear shop needs to be carefully planned, and it is necessary to fully consider factors such as brand positioning, regional characteristics, and business value.Only by finding a good store name can we better attract the target customers and create an excellent brand image, and can it stand out in market competition.