Interesting underwear on the picture space problem

Interesting underwear on the picture space problem


The demand for sex underwear has gradually increased, and more and more merchants have begun to online sexy underwear on major e -commerce platforms. Among them, the problem of the picture space on the shelves is also a headache for merchants.

problem analysis

Some e -commerce platforms have limited upload pictures, especially for sexual health products such as sexy underwear.The strictness and requirements of restrictions are not the same, which puts some merchants in trouble.

Taobao on the shelf of sexy underwear

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First of all, Taobao made clear rules on the pictures of sexy underwear. The picture below is a document released by Taobao.

Photo with a sexy underwear picture

The requirements for sexy underwear are relatively loose. Merchants only need to upload pictures that meet the prescribed.But still need to pay attention to the following points:

Do not be too large in size, it is best to control within 300KB;

The picture cannot appear sensitive content such as characters, sex organs, and sexual hints;

The simpler the background, the better, it is best to be pure white or black background.’s sexy underwear pictures

For the uploading of sexy underwear, has corresponding requirements for the quality, size, and content of the picture:

Try to ensure high and clear the picture, such as 1200px*1200px;


The picture format is universal formats such as JPG or PNG;

There are no sensitive content such as characters, sexual organs, and sexual hints;

Do not add information such as online store LOGO or Beijing Public Security Bureau filing number.

Solution 1

Merchants can try to compress the picture to a smaller size, and then upload it to the e -commerce platform.But in this way, it may affect the clarity of the picture and the willingness to buy.

Solution 2

Merchants can choose to handle photos of sexy underwear, such as removing sensitive content, etc., which not only ensure the display effect of the product, but also ensure that it will not be removed from the shelves because of improper content.

Solution 3

Merchants can choose to upload product pictures that pass the demand party.This can ensure the quality of the picture, and it can also effectively avoid unnecessary risk of getting off.

in conclusion

The sales demand of sexy underwear on the e -commerce platform has gradually increased, but it also brings the problem of the picture space on the shelf.Merchants should follow the corresponding regulations. When uploading pictures, they spend more attention and try different solutions in order to better improve the display effect of the product and meet the consumer’s purchase needs.