Luo Man -洛 色 Black skirt

Luo Man -洛 色 Black skirt

Luo Man -洛 色 Black skirt

Luo Manxi is a sexy underwear brand with sexy, elegant, fashion as the main design.As a brand representative product, the black skirt shows a soft and mysterious texture. It is one of the tips of the Luoman Xicheng clothing series and has become a prominent item in recent years.


This black skirt has multiple styles to choose from. From the transparent tulle, the details of lace to no beads, each one has its own characteristics and charm.The soft texture makes it comfortable to wear, and the elegant style makes the body line more slender. In addition to being worn at home, you can also wear suitable clothing to make the overall shape more decent and sexy.


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Luo Manxi’s sexy underwear black skirt has a wide range of coverage, with small, medium, large, and special sizes.At the same time, there are many different lengths and bandwidths to choose from, and everyone can choose the most fitted style.

Applicable scene

This black skirt is suitable for private occasions, such as family sex, but also suitable for some occasions that need to be formally costumes, such as banquets, dances and parties, with suitable suits and accessories to add points to the temperament of the whole person.


If you want to wear this black skirt to participate in the formal occasion, you can choose a transparent lace style with a low -cut or naked back top, and if you wear in family sex, you can match the corresponding style of sexy underwear tops to highlight the highlightYour charm.However, keep in mind that do not think of it as an ordinary external skirt to wear it. You can match it when you go out, but if you exaggerate, you will be a little bit decent.


The texture of the black skirt generally uses natural fibers, such as silk, lace yarn, etc., with soft feel and comfortable and personal.At the same time, an appropriate amount of amino acids and other maintenance ingredients are added to make the clothing more fit the skin, while maintaining the color and richness of the color.

detail design

From the perspective of every detail, the design of the black skirt is very careful.Some are the length and width of the shoulder straps, and some are the length and closeness of the skirt. Many designs seem to be simple, but they can perfectly set off the lines of women’s bodies.



The cleaning method of the black skirt needs to have a careful step. You can wash it with flowing cleaning water, then press it gently, and finally dry it.At the same time, for maintenance, it is recommended to avoid exposure, put it in a cool place, and keep dry and clean.

Suitable for skin tone

Black skirts are suitable for women of all kinds of skin tone. Whether the skin is fair or dark or pink, they can be dressed and decent.And the black color can also enhance the brightness of the complexion, showing the temptation of female skin.

in conclusion

Overall, Luo Man -hi -fun underwear black skirt is a delicate design, soft material, and comfortable product.Its appearance provides every beautiful woman with an opportunity to show themselves in private occasions, so that they can feel their beauty and sexy.No matter which one you choose, you can perfectly show a beautiful figure and become the best choice for the overall dress.