Men buy sexy underwear and give girlfriends

Men buy sexy underwear and give girlfriends

Men buy sexy underwear to give girlfriends: How to buy

With the improvement of living standards, modern people’s requirements for sex are getting higher and higher, and sex products are becoming more and more favored by people from all walks of life. Among them, love underwear has become the most popular field.Men want to buy a sexy underwear suitable for their girlfriend, but do not know where to start, how to buy?Here, we will share with you some suggestions.

1. First understand your girlfriend’s preference

Different women’s preferences are different, and their attitudes to sex are also different.When choosing a sexy underwear, we must first understand the preferences of their girlfriends, often contact the topic of sex, and understand the needs of women in sex to better choose a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends.

2. Understand your girlfriend’s body and size

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When choosing a sexy underwear, the most important thing is the size.Each woman’s body and size are different. To ensure that the underwear is just comfortable and not tight. When choosing, be cautious. You can pay attention to the sizes at the time of your girlfriend, pay attention to bust, waist and hips.

3. Choose suitable underwear styles

There are many types of sexy underwear and different styles. You need to choose a style suitable for girlfriends.When you are not sure what style your girlfriend likes, you can choose the low exposure and simple and generous style of sexy underwear.Of course, you can also refer to the style of your girlfriend’s daily wear, and choose a suitable sexy underwear with his style.

4. Pay attention to underwear materials

The material of the underwear is also very important. The high -quality material is very comfortable, and it can better display the body’s body lines.Generally speaking, cotton or silk fabrics with good breathability are a better choice, but some sexy underwear is designed for a moment of effect. It may inevitably use some secondary materials and need to be treated carefully.

5. The style should be matched with the occasion

Different situations require different sexy underwear styles. This requires men to pay attention to choosing the right type of sexy underwear when buying.For example, a variety of games on the bed need to be more exposed to sexy underwear, and when you go to bar or party, you can choose underwear more suitable for clothes.

6. Don’t be shy when buying

When buying sexy underwear, some men do not dare to go directly to the physical store because they are not confident or shy, which can easily lead to unable to choose the right underwear.However, it is happier that the major e -commerce platforms now have sexual products in sexual supplies, and they can easily buy, and do not have to worry about being recognized.

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7. Ask for after -sales before buying

The process of buying sex underwear is also possible.Some men may pay attention to the problem of retreating and replacement of sexy underwear. Therefore, it is recommended to ask about relevant after -sales service policies before purchasing, such as replacement regulations, after -sales service, quality problems, etc.

8. Follow underwear maintenance

Interesting underwear maintenance also needs to pay attention to the details and temperature when washing underwear, which is a necessary maintenance step.

9. Buy price

Each man has different budgets for buying sexy underwear, and there is no clear price regulation.When buying sexy underwear, you need to combine your own needs and choose the right price without consumption.

10. Overall judgment

When choosing a sexy underwear, all the above points have a certain connection. It is necessary to make a general judgment in combination with your own needs. It is recommended to make comprehensive considerations from wearing comfort, price, style selection and after -sales service.

The boom of a man to buy a sexy underwear to give his girlfriend is getting higher and higher, but it is not easy to choose suitable sexy underwear.Starting from the above points, I hope to provide a reference for everyone, so that friends can successfully win when buying.