Sex lingerie sales style

Sex lingerie sales style

Sex lingerie sales style

1. Sex underwear with bones

The sexy underwear with bones is a supporting underwear that can stand up and concentrate the chest.This underwear is generally equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and back buckles, which can be adjusted according to different shoulder width and bust.The more popular styles in the market include lace lace models and ultra -thin models.

2. Zipper sexy underwear

The zipper sexy underwear is unique, which can adjust the size of the cup in multiple positions, which is convenient and practical.Some zipper sexy underwear also has a built -in vibrator, which can increase passion.

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3. Open file sexy underwear

Open -gear sex underwear is designed for more convenient sex.Generally with detachable or open crotch, so that you do n’t need to take off your underwear often during sex, which greatly increases passion and convenience.

4. Triangle underwear

Triangle underwear is a relatively simple sexy underwear, which is more common.It consists of two triangular cups and the bottom belt, which can generally wear comfortable and more affordable prices, which is the first choice for many beginners.

5. Lace erotic underwear

The material of lace sexy underwear is usually soft and comfortable lace lace, light and breathable, so that the body keeps a comfortable state.Its exquisite appearance is usually equipped with rich lace and smaller cups, suitable for some small women’s use.

6. Types Incpering Jelly

The material of tulle sexy underwear is generally slender satin or silk fabric, with soft, smooth and comfortable feel.It is characterized by ultra -thin design, which makes the body surface naked more obvious, suitable for occasions that are dressed in summer or more passionate.

7. Gathering sexy underwear


The design of the gathering of sexy underwear can squeeze the chest and concentrate together to enhance the three -dimensional feeling of the chest.This kind of sexy underwear generally has two styles: one is a thickened pad that can greatly increase the size and shape of the chest; the other is no pad, mainly to increase the three -dimensional sense through shaping.

8. Tight -fitting sheets

Tight -fitting underwear is a well -behaved material with elasticity, which can show the curve of the body very prominent.The customization of tight sex underwear allows the wearing crowds to be very diverse. It can be athletes wearing in the game, but also suitable for the couple’s mood.

9. Vest -style sexy underwear

The vest sexy underwear design is unique, with a wide shoulder strap, which will not stabilize the shoulder and wearing it stable.Generally, it is not so challenging, suitable for those who have just started to know sex underwear.


Large cups are suitable for women with full breasts, which can provide good support and close appearance effects.Sometimes there are pelvic bones to enhance comfort.

In general, sexy underwear has different styles and characteristics, and can be selected vertically according to different needs and body.The final choice should be based on its own comfort and aesthetics to ensure a perfect passion experience.