Sex underwear big data

Sex underwear big data

Sex underwear big data

Women’s wearing erotic underwear is undoubtedly an important means to enhance charm and express personality.Interest underwear includes rich types and styles, suitable for women of various figures and styles.With the advancement of technology, sales and production are more and more dependent on data.Below, let’s understand some of the relevant information through the big data of sexy underwear.

1. Market profit margin

The market is huge in the market, with an annual income of up to 2 billion US dollars.However, the profit margin of the sex underwear industry is not high, with an average of only 3-5%.The reason is that it is not difficult to find price pressure and fierce competition.

2. The most popular style

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The best -selling sexy lingerie style is lace, thong and bra.These fashionable styles are very popular in the global market.Especially lace, this soft and transparent material is considered the most sexy.

3. Size distribution

When selling sexy underwear, the size is a very important factor.Most women’s size is distributed between 32B and 36D, but some women need larger size.

4. Buy time and quantity

According to the analysis of the big data of sexy underwear, most women choose to buy sexy underwear on Sunday.In addition, during Valentine’s Day and Christmas, sales will increase sharply.Interestingly, the average number of sexy underwear each time is 2-3.

5. Adjust the product line

Fun underwear brands need to adjust their product lines at all times to maintain market competitiveness.In recent years, some brands have expanded their product portfolios, increasing the sexy underwear and daily underwear that can be worn to meet wider customer needs.

6. Natural fiber

The raw materials used in sex underwear can affect the body, so it is important to choose natural fibers.Common natural fiber materials include cotton, silk and lace.These materials have the advantages of breathability, softness, and skin -friendly.


7. Professional knowledge

The production and sales of sexy underwear require professional knowledge.Brands should hire experienced designers and sales staff.In addition, the sexy underwear website and stores should also provide professional suggestions and introduce various materials and styles to consumers.

8. Good brand image

Interest underwear is a very personalized product. It is very important to build a good brand image.High -quality materials and design can attract more customers.The brand should also use sexy, cheerful advertisements and pictures to convey the sexy and personalized products of the product.

9. Future development trend

In the future, the sexy underwear market will be richer and innovative.It will continue to pursue the balance of quality and business success, increasing wearing and functionality.Brands and manufacturers will try to produce products that are more interactive and more in line with young people.At the same time, it will continue to use big data to develop personalized and modern marketing strategies.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear is a personalized product, with a huge market size but a low profit margin.In the future, the market will be richer and innovative, and brands and manufacturers will continue to pursue balance to meet customer needs.