Sex underwear Show 2019

Sex underwear Show 2019

Sex Underwear Exhibition 2019: Exhibition that professionals understand

In this article, we will share some information about the 2019 Voices Underwear Exhibition, as well as some descriptions of the latest and most popular styles in the exhibition.

Popular brand and new product display

In this exhibition, some popular brands such as BACI LINNGERIE, MAPALE, and Shirley of Hollywood were not absent.The booths of these brands are ideal places to show the latest products and styles, providing visitors with an opportunity to better understand these brands.

New fabric/texture trend

Crotchless Striped Sheer Pantyhose – 7306

Many brands show new fabrics and texture trends in this exhibition, such as Mesh, LACE, and FISHNET.These fabrics and textures create some very unique and fashionable designs.

The balance between sexy appearance and comfort

As the core of sexy underwear, comfort and sexy are the main goals of balance.At this exhibition, many brands showed innovation in this area and ensured the perfect balance between sexy and comfort.

Display of various styles and accessories

In addition to some new styles, many brands also show various styles and accessories, such as bra, underwear, hanging straps, pajamas, etc.These products allow consumers to have more choices when buying.

Men’s sexy underwear

In addition to women’s erotic underwear, men’s sexy underwear is also a highlight of the 2019 sex lingerie show.Brands such as Male Power, Greg Homme, Andrew Christian, etc. all showed innovative design and fashionable clothing.

Nightclub/party clothing

There are also many clothing suitable for nightclubs and parties at this exhibition.Because nightclubs and parties often need some shiny and exciting shapes, these types of clothing are usually bolder and excellent than other sexy underwear.


Subculture design and style

Compared with previous years of the Funwegian Underwear Exhibition, the 2019 exhibition focuses on some different designs and styles, such as sub -culture and alternatives.These designs and styles are becoming more and more popular in the sexy underwear market.

Customized sexy underwear

In addition, some brands also show the options for customized sexy underwear.Because everyone’s body is different, custom -customized sexy underwear has become one of the trend of increasingly popular.


The 2019 Sex Underwear Exhibition is an excellent opportunity for consumers and industry professionals to show the latest and best sexy lingerie styles and design.Whether you are an expert in the underwear industry or ordinary consumers, there must be many styles and products you like at this exhibition.There are more sexy underwear exhibitions that are coming. We look forward to seeing more innovative and stylish designs in the future exhibition.