Sex underwear store recruitment information Guangzhou

Sex underwear store recruitment information Guangzhou

1 Introduction

In today’s continuous pursuit of personalized and sexy society, sexy underwear, as an emerging fashion trend, has been sought after by more and more fashion enthusiasts.Guangzhou, as a large city in southern China, the sexy underwear market has become increasingly hot here, and has become more popular with more women and couples.As a result, more and more sexy underwear shops have emerged here to conduct various recruitment activities to attract talents to join.Today, I will introduce a recruitment information of a sexy lingerie shop in Guangzhou.

2. Company introduction

This sexy underwear shop is a shop that specializes in high -quality sexy underwear and sex toys.The purpose of the company is to promote healthy, fashionable, and sexy, so that more people can also get a more perfect sex experience while maintaining a high -quality life.Under the strong promotion of the company, it has now become one of the most popular sexy underwear shops in Guangzhou.

3. Recruitment position

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The sex underwear store is now recruiting the following positions to the society: salesperson, store manager, purchasing specialist, etc.I hope that you are enthusiastic, talented, and passionate, join their big family and create their own success together.

4. Recruitment requirements

1. Salesman: Women, age 18-28, are generous, cheerful, patient, active in thinking, have good language expression ability, have certain sales experience and basic computer operation capabilities.

2. Store manager: Women, age 25-35, have strong team management capabilities, planning capabilities and market analysis capabilities, and have rich experience in sales management and marketing.

3. Procurement Specialist: Women, age 22-35 years old, can be proficient in using various procurement channels and finding new suppliers, have strong negotiation capabilities and supply chain management experience, basic English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability and computer operationsSkill.

5. Recruitment salary

Salesman: Base salary+commission, monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan; store manager: basic salary+commission+bonus, monthly salary of more than 6,000 yuan; procurement commissioner: basic salary+commission, monthly salary of more than 3500 yuan.

6. Working hours and place

Working hours: 8 hours/day, double holiday, legal holidays are resting normally.The work location is located in the center of Guangzhou.

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7. Company benefits

The company provides employees with a comprehensive welfare system, including five insurances and one gold, year -end prize, employee tourism, free training and many other benefits.At the same time, the company pays more attention to the career planning of employees to provide them with opportunities for promotion and diversified development.

8. Recruitment process

1. Delivery resume: Send your resume and personal information to the company’s email.Resume screen and arrange interviews online.

2. Interview: telephone or on -site interview, pass the interview candidate to enter the written test.

3. Written test: sign -in, submission, scrolls, and release results. Candidates who pass the written test enter the offer distribution link.

4.Offer distribution: After signing a contract and processing procedures, you can enter the job.

9. Company slogan

"Sexy, healthy, fashionable, happy, starting from sex underwear."

10. Viewpoint

With the gradual opening up of sexual culture and the progress of society, more and more people have begun to realize the health, happiness and happiness brought by sexual life, and the appearance of sexy underwear provides you more to try.And how to play your sexy potential.Therefore, being able to join a sexy underwear store with ideas and attitudes is not only engaged in a creative job, but also a care for your body and soul.