Sexy lingerie map the most charming girl version

Sexy lingerie map the most charming girl version

How to create a charming sexy lingerie

Interesting underwear, as a hazy clothing that focuses on beauty and passion, is generally composed of underwear, pantyhose, stockings, suspenders, vests, shirts, pajamas and other styles and materials.How to match and choose reasonably so that you are full of temptation late at night and make your lover unswerving?Here, we will introduce a few points for everyone.


Color is one of the most important part of sexy underwear.Red is a representative full of passion and mystery. If you want to create gorgeous and sexy, a red sexy underwear can often achieve good results, but pay attention to the red depth of red suitable for your skin tone, not too eye -catching.Black is the classic color of sexy underwear, which will have high requirements for the fairness of the skin, and the colors of brown, pink, and purple are more soft and warm.


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In terms of style, we must think of the matching occasions and the proportion of individuals, and use different styles of sexy underwear.Lace clothing is one of the most common styles in sexy underwear. It is a bit transparent and mysterious, suitable for women who want to exude sexy and charming atmosphere.Tips, vests, and naked back are all exposed designs, which can naturally create a sexy atmosphere.Printed texture such as leopard print and snake skin is more suitable for use when playing with lovers.


Fabric is extremely important for sexy underwear because it is related to the comfort and beauty of clothing.Women who like high -end atmosphere usually choose high -end fabrics, such as silk, lace, kapok, velvet, etc.Women with sexy and better sweat -absorbing fabrics can choose fabrics such as lace, polyester fiber blended.In fact, everyone’s feelings are different. You need to try through multiple fabrics to find the one that suits you best.


The size of the sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear. The design pays more attention to displaying the shape of the body, especially in the material material of lace, which emphasizes the personality and elasticity. Therefore, pay attention to the plate type when buying.The product can better show the sexy effect.


Interest underwear is usually not too cumbersome. In addition to materials and styles, small decorations are also a way to enhance beauty.The sexy underwear with lace lace, leather veneer, metal decoration, and inlaid inlaid will be more designed, but not too exaggerated, otherwise it will not achieve the sexy and charming effect.


Sexy erotic underwear is not only appearance, but also your connotation and temperament.Sexy underwear needs sexy you to match with rich emotion, confidence, open -minded and optimistic attitude, and pleasant expression.

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The enthusiasm of sex and the pursuit of sex is itself an irrational emotional requirement. Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you may wish to try your sexy style and dream, and actively participate in the choice and match.Only with confidence in the heart can the best sexy effect can be reflected.


Although sexy underwear is an important appliance for showing personal charm and personality, it is more important to show and exert its own potential, reflect and cooperate with the basic desires and needs of the opposite sex, and promote emotional communication and coordination between the sexes.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you must have something to know, and be proficient in the main points of color, type, face, face, ruler, qi, heart, and matching, so as to choose your satisfactory sexy underwear.Finally, remind everyone to pay attention to hygiene, do not wear sexy underwear on public places or outside bedding.


As a special clothing, sex underwear can not only enrich our lives, but also promote the harmony of gender relations.We should be good at beautifying our sexual life with erotic underwear, and we must also pay attention to the problems of hygiene and matching points to ensure the health of ourselves and our family.