Sexy underwear av line

Sexy underwear av line

What is a sexy underwear AV line?

Recently, a new type of underwear in the domestic sex lingerie market has become a new type of underwear, which is called "sexy underwear AV line (or AV line)".As the name suggests, this underwear is related to the AV industry. Its design inspiration comes from a large number of Japanese AV works.So, what is a sexy underwear AV line?What is it unique to it?

Features of sexy underwear av line

The characteristics of sexy underwear AV lines are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Design inspiration comes from Japanese AV works

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Bright colors, sexy seductive

Using high -quality materials, the touch is soft and comfortable

The fabric is usually carved, gauze, lace and other perspective materials

Some styles are designed with exposed back, waist, belly, etc., showing women’s figure curves

Fun underwear AV line style

The style of sexy underwear AV line is different from ordinary sexy underwear, mainly divided into the following categories:

Uniforms: such as nurse, stewardess, police, school uniform, etc., often used for role -playing.

Sexy private houses: It is mainly fun lace, hollow, and is often used for flirting between couples.

SM installation: Mainly some people with conducive meaning, suitable for sex preference SM elements.

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Suggestions for the purchase of sexy underwear av line

For those who want to buy a sexy underwear AV line, there are a few suggestions:

First, choose high -quality materials to avoid too cheap underwear.

When choosing a style, you should choose the right style according to your own needs, and don’t follow the trend blindly.

What suits you is the best.Different people have different needs, so you should choose according to your needs when buying styles.

The use environment of sexy underwear av line

Interesting underwear AV lines are more sexy and exposed than ordinary sexy underwear, so you need to use it in appropriate environments:

It is not suitable to wear in public places and people.

It is suitable to wear it when both sides trust each other.

It is suitable to wear in private places or only two people.

Suggestion of sexy underwear AV cable

For those who want to match the AV line of fun underwear, there are the following suggestions:

When choosing to match the clothes, avoid clutter, you should choose soft clothes, such as silk, lace or short sweater.

The color of the sexy lingerie AV line is relatively bright. You can choose the color of black, red, and blue according to your personal preference, but it is not recommended to choose too exaggerated colors.

When paired with shoes, you can choose high heels or slippers without heels to better show women’s charm.

Falling underwear AV cable maintenance method

Sex lingerie AV cables need to be maintained like ordinary underwear. The following are some maintenance suggestions:

Do not wash it with a washing machine, you should wash it by hand to avoid damage.

Underwear should be washed separately from other clothes.Do not mix with dark and light clothes.

Try to avoid direct sunlight, dry and ventilated places to dry.

The market prospects of sexy underwear av line

With the increase in sexual demand for sex and the development of the market, the AV line of sexy underwear will occupy a certain share in the future market.However, how to use innovative design and higher -quality materials to attract more customers will become a problem that manufacturers in the market need to solve.


The emergence of sexy underwear AV line provides people with new choices, and also brings new thinking.While enjoying a beautiful sex life, we should also pay attention to the safety and sanitation of sex products.It is hoped that when you buy and use the sexy underwear AV line, you can treat it rationally and choose the right product.