Simple self -made sexy underwear

Simple self -made sexy underwear

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear designed specifically for improving sexual experience and increasing sexual interest.It is usually more sexy and teasing than ordinary underwear, and can be used to stimulate erotic and enhance sexual atmosphere.

The benefits of self -made sex underwear

Self -made erotic underwear has the following benefits:

Can save costs

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You can customize the style and style according to your personal preference

Can increase creativity and fun

Material preparation

To make sexy underwear, you need to prepare the following materials:

Underwear: You can choose ordinary tendonless underwear or sexy underwear, color and style optional color and style

Lace edge: dark or transparent corner lace

Bonding rope: Black silk restraint or transparent ultra -thin wound leather rope can be available

Ribbon: dark red, black or pink ribbon, you can choose according to personal preferences

Step 1: Cutting lace edges


First, cut the lace edge according to the shape and size of the underwear.You should make sure that the length of the lace edge is slightly longer than the underwear to paste.

Step 2: Apply adhesive on the underwear

Then apply a bonding agent at the upper and lower positions of the underwear so that the lace is pasted on the underwear.You can use ordinary fabric adhesives or special lace edge adhesives.

Step 3: Put on lace edge

Next, slowly paste the edge of the lace along the edge of the underwear.Gently press it with your fingers to ensure that it is tightly bonded with underwear.

Step 4: Tie the rope

Take a restraint of about 1 meter long, tie it on the back of the underwear, and tighten them gently with your fingers to enhance the feeling of restraint.

Step 5: Decorative rails

Finally, use ribbon to decorate your erotic underwear.Wet the rope in front of the underwear and the back of the underwear to increase the sexy and tempting feeling.


After carefully making sexy underwear, choosing the right time and scenes for use can better experience its effect.For example, you can wear a special interest night with your partner at night.


When making sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

Use the appropriate adhesive to ensure that the lace is firmly pasted on the underwear

Don’t be too tight to restraint the rope, so as not to cause discomfort

The material of the ribbon should be soft and comfortable, so as not to cause discomfort

in conclusion

Self -made erotic underwear is a challenging and fun activity that allows you to make your own sexy underwear based on your preferences and characteristics to enhance your charm and sexual attractiveness.