Tang Bo Huhong color love underwear picture Daquan

Tang Bo Huhong color love underwear picture Daquan

As a famous hero costume, Tang Bohu is also very popular in film and television works.In addition to his heroic image, the sexy lingerie style designed by Tang Bohu has also attracted much attention and sought after.This article will introduce the related styles and use of Tang Bohu’s red color sexy underwear.

1. Festive flowers red

The festive flower red color sexy underwear is one of the classic styles in the Tang Bohu red series.Use high -quality pink lace cloth and soft comfortable texture to allow people to enjoy the soft and personal comfort during wearing.This style often appears between the newlywed couples, not only looks good but also sexy.

2. Soft beauty red

The soft beauty of the beautiful beauty has an elegant and soft design, which is mainly manifested in elegant lace lace and delicate texture.At the same time, Tang Bohu also added fashion elements in design, integrating Chinese tradition into modern design.

3. Play boldly

Playing red color and sexy underwear is one of the sexy and bold styles in Tang Bohu’s red series.This style uses bold chiffon lace cloth, tight -fitting design and lace lace decoration. This underwear shows the perfect figure of a woman, which makes people can’t help but feel excited.

4. Desire is hot and red

The desire fiery red color love lingerie style shows Tang Bohu’s imagination and expression of desire.The use of advanced lace and adding a hot tube top design makes this style absolutely sexy incarnation.

5. Thermal power four -shot red

The popular red style combines the ancient and modern elements, and pays more attention to comfortable and convenient innovation. You can adjust the height of the wearing at any time without losing beauty and sexy, so that you can feel the concept of thermal four -shot.

6. Sexy wild red

The unique design style of sexy wild red and sexy underwear is wild and sexy. It perfectly combines modern elements with Chinese aesthetics, exuding a unique charm.At the same time, reliable material quality can also bring a high -level texture.

7. Spring light infinite red

Tang Bohu’s spring light unlimited red love lingerie style shows the worship of the beauty of spring and nature.Made with high elastic silk mesh to make the underwear comfortable and personal and smooth.Fresh pink also makes people feel the breath of spring.

8. Binghuo loves deep red

Binghuo’s deep red porn lingerie style is mainly a wild, sexy appearance, and at the same time, it is also very sophisticated in material.It highlights the feminine and sexy of women, showing the sexy charm of women, while not losing the characteristics of comfort and easy wearing.

in conclusion

Each style of Tang Bohu’s red color sexy underwear has its unique style, and at the same time, it has a comfortable and beautiful characteristics.Whether it is functionality and aesthetics, a good design is a good choice worth trying and buying.

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