Tangtian bisexual shooting records of sexy underwear

Tangtian bisexual shooting records of sexy underwear

Preparation before shooting

Tang Tian is an experienced photographer. He is very good at taking sexy underwear photos.Before shooting, he will definitely be fully prepared.First of all, he will communicate with the model to understand her needs and requirements.Secondly, he will choose the right shooting scene and props.In the end, he will check the state of the photography equipment to ensure that everything is ready.

photography skills

Tang Tian’s shooting skills are very superb.He knows how to capture the best moment.He will guide the model to make natural and beautiful movements, making photography more vivid and interesting.At the same time, he will use light and composition skills to highlight the characteristics of sexy underwear and make the photo more artistic.

Selected sexy underwear

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Tang Tian is good at choosing the most beautiful and sexiest sexy underwear.He knows how to choose the appropriate clothing according to the figure and style of the model.He will choose underwear with obvious visual effects, such as lace hollow and tassel design to attract the attention of the audience.

Different types of sexy underwear

Tang Tian has a deep understanding of the different types of love underwear, including sexy lingerie, European and American sex underwear, adult sexy underwear, etc.He knows the characteristics and applications of each type of underwear.When shooting, he will choose the appropriate type based on the situation to show the model’s personality charm.


Tang Tian pays great attention to the modeling of the model.He will guide the model’s hairstyle, makeup and accessories to highlight the unique style of clothing.He will also invite professional makeup artists and hair stylists to participate in the shooting to ensure that every detail is carefully presented.

Post -processing of photos

Tang Tian knows that later processing is very important for photos.He is good at using later tools such as Photoshop to color and modify photos.He will maintain the aesthetics of the original photos, and at the same time enhance the effects of color and contrast, making the photo more amazing.

Show and sell

After the shooting is completed, Tang Tian will organize and classify the photos.Then he will show these works on his website.If necessary, he will also send the photo to the customer or on the e -commerce platform.When selling, he will provide different choices and solutions according to the needs and uses of different customers.

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Market prospects and trends

With the development of society and the liberation of ideas, the market prospects and trends of sexy underwear are very broad.More and more people have begun to pay attention to their sexy and personality, and sexy underwear has become their choice.At the same time, sexy underwear, as an emerging industry, has also brought good opportunities to investors.

in conclusion

Tang Tian is a very good sexy underwear photographer.He has a deep understanding of the characteristics and market conditions of love underwear, and has outstanding photography skills and creative thinking.For those who want to shoot sexy underwear, his experience and suggestions will be very valuable.