Taobao erotic underwear loli model

Taobao erotic underwear loli model

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become a choice for many women.In order to better display the charm of underwear, Taobao merchants usually choose to hire Lolo models for display.Let ’s take a look at the Tao Baoshisye underwear loli model.

The basic attributes of the loli model

First of all, the age of loli models is generally between 18-25.They usually have some commonality, such as sweet appearance, slender figure, small bust, white skin and so on.

The division of Lori models

Generally speaking, the loli model will divide the labor according to the type of underwear and the suitable style.Some models are suitable for sexy underwear, some are suitable for sweet underwear, and there are some exaggerated underwear. Different underwear needs different models to display.

Lori model’s shape

When shooting sex underwear, the loli models usually undergo professional makeup and hairstyle design.Some underwear needs to show a charming feeling, and some need to show the innocent and lovely feeling. The model’s shape will be adjusted according to the style of the underwear.

How to display the loli model

When shooting, the display method of the loli model is also important.They usually use different movements and attitudes to show the charm of underwear.Such as teasing eyes, sexy postures, sorrowful movements, and so on.These are to better show the charm of underwear.

The norm requirements of the loli model

Because it is displayed in erotic underwear, the norms of the loli model are very high.They need to keep their bodies look good, and they need to show the effects of clothes when shooting. Hairstyles, makeup, etc. also need to be consistent with the style of underwear.

Loly model’s shooting location

The shooting location of the loli models is usually selected according to the style and style of the underwear.For example, some underwear needs to be photographed outdoors, some need to shoot indoors, and some need to shoot in specific scenarios.

Lori model’s shooting time

The shooting time is usually carried out during the day.This can better show the skin and clothing details of the loli model.At the same time, you can also use natural light to make shooting, so that the shooting effect is better.

Rolo Model’s Compensation

The salary of the loli model is generally calculated based on the length of the shooting, the types of underwear and the use scenario of use.Generally speaking, the salary level is high.


In Taobao’s sex underwear trading, recruiting loli models is undoubtedly a better way to show the charm of underwear.However, merchants should attach importance to the benefits and income of models, create a good working atmosphere, and jointly promote the development of sexy underwear.

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