The office sex lingerie Huroo Hatano Yoshino

The office sex lingerie Huroo Hatano Yoshino

Asahi Mizuno is a sexy underwear designer from Japan.Her works are well -known in the industry with unique sexy and comfort.The best of these is the office sex lingerie series.Below, we will introduce you in detail for you, the office sex underwear of Hatano Yoshio.

Pay attention to detail design

The unique features of the office of Hatano Yoshiyi are focusing on details.Not only comfort and wearing comfort, but also the inspiration and uniqueness of design.The details of each underwear have been repeatedly considered and designed to strive to perfectly show the advantages of each woman.

Suitable for office styles

Every office sex underwear has its unique style.Hatano’s office sexy underwear is welcomed by women with its elegance and sexy and comfort.This includes: professional set, gathering type, V -neck model, lace hook flower, etc.

Professional material selection

With silicone, polyester, nylon, etc. as the main selection of materials, the passenger, breathability, comfort, and penetration of each underwear reached the highest level.These materials not only ensure the comfort of the underwear, but also maintain the unofficial deformation of the underwear, making the lingerie life longer.

Adjustable design

Hatano Yoshi’s office erotic underwear is not only professional, but also a adjustable design, so as to ensure that each woman can adjust the looseness of the underwear according to her own needs and will not cause too much stimulation to the skin.

Pay attention to ergonomics

Hatano Yoshi’s office erotic underwear not only has beautiful appearance, but also pays attention to ergonomics.The color and length of the supporting parts of the underwear and the ribbon on the chest are summarized by the experience of the human body trial and design several times.This can not only make the wearer more comfortable when the episode, but also make the exposed part more attractive.

High -efficiency part

Every part of the sexy underwear in Hatano Yoshio is efficient.The bottom buckle is close to the phenomenon of drawing and the ball; the shoulder strap can be adjusted to avoid the pain of the shoulder; the flexibility of the steel ring is moderate elasticity and will not cause a sense of oppression on the armpit.

Diverse selection

Hatano Yoshi’s office sex underwear is diverse, and many requirements for women are met.These include the problems of small breasts, big breasts, flat breasts and side hidden hidden problems.Whether you are big or small, there is one suitable for you in the sexy underwear of Hatano Yoshio.

Multiple accessories

Hatano Yoshi’s office sexy underwear also has many accessories, such as stockings, gloves, collars, silk scarves, etc., which fully demonstrates the elegance and sexy of women.A variety of accessories improve the adjustment of the underwear, making your shape more variable and personalized.


Hatano Yoshi’s office sexy underwear is not only fashionable, but also comfortable and ergonomic design.If you are looking for an elegant and sexy office sexy underwear, then try these unique Underwear designed by these unique Hatano Jiyi.

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