Wearing a coat outside wearing a sexy underwear

Wearing a coat outside wearing a sexy underwear

When the weather began to get cold, we put on a heavy coat, but the fabrics and thickness of the coat can easily make people feel dull and restrained.Function, but this method will cause some problems.Below, I will analyze this problem from the following aspects.

Relieving a sense of oppression

After wearing a coat, we will feel a bit of restraint and oppression, but if we wear sexy underwear in the underwear, its soft material and comfortable fit can alleviate this feeling.

Adjust the body mild and breathable

In the cold winter, underwear and sexy underwear can provide a certain warmth effect for the body, but if it is too heavy, it will affect the discharge of breathability and sweat, which can easily cause skin problems.Therefore, when selecting sexy underwear, the quality of breathability and material should be considered to ensure the comfort and health of the underwear.

With coat color and style

Interest underwear is not only a functional underwear, but also a reflection of decoration and aesthetic taste.If you choose a sexy underwear with the color and style of the coat, you can add a fashion and aesthetic to the entire dress.

Choose suitable styles and styles

There are many styles and styles of sexy underwear. According to personal hobbies and figure characteristics, you can choose different styles and styles.For example, the types of bra include bras, salons, ripples, etc. The types of pants also include thongs, T pants, briefs, and so on.Choosing a style and style that suits you can make you feel more confident and comfortable.

Pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness

Interest underwear is a kind of private item, so pay attention to hygiene and cleaning.Choose high -quality and easy -to -clean materials, and should be cleaned and disinfected before each wear to avoid bacterial infections.

Avoid too exposed and not suitable for occasions

Interest underwear is usually more sexy and exposed. It is not suitable for wearing on some formal occasions, and it is also easy to cause discomfort and misunderstanding of others.Therefore, when choosing to wear, judgment and selection should be made according to the occasion to avoid embarrassment and unbearable situations.

Trouble and trouble

If sexy underwear is not suitable, it may cause a little trouble and trouble.For example, bras may slip, loose shoulder straps, etc.If you encounter these situations, you should adjust immediately to ensure your comfort and image.


Wearing sexy underwear inside outside, it has certain benefits for alleviating the sense of oppression, regulating body mild breathability, decorative wear, choosing suitable styles and styles, attention and cleaning, and other aspects.However, in order to avoid some troubles and discomforts, you should consider thoughtful when choosing sexy underwear and wearing to avoid wearing on inappropriate occasions.

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