What are the anime of sexy underwear?


In recent years, with the gradual popularization of sexy underwear, more and more animation has begun to appear in the plot of turning characters into sexy underwear.These plots not only make people’s eyes shine, but also add a bit of mystery to the interaction between the two major areas of anime and sexy underwear.Next, I will introduce a few anime that transforms characters into sexy underwear.

Animation 01: "The Black Bure Hilder"

"Extremely dark Brunshin" is a fantasy animation with the magic college as the stage. The story tells the adventure of a teenager and partner in the college and becoming a great magician.In one of the episodes, the character Fisti’s magic media was unexpectedly activated, turning her and another character Brun Hent into sexy underwear.This plot brings unexpected surprises and joy to people.

Anime 02: "Powerful Machine :"

"Powering Machinery" is a story of science fiction animation made by Japanese animation companies.In one of the episodes, after a machine girl was caught by the enemy, she was converted into a feminine device and turned into a shield. This shield was wearing beautiful sexy underwear, and the girl’s image was pity.

Anime 03: "Magic Forbidden Book Catalog"

"Magic Book Catalog" is an animation with magic as the theme, telling the future world where science and technology and magic infiltrate each other.In one of the special episodes of "Where’s the Horse", the heroine’s three thousand courtyards wore a special erotic underwear, which made people enjoy it.

Anime 04: "Love Random Link"

"Love Random Link" is an animation with the theme of online games, which mainly tells the hero’s love experience in the online world.In one of the episodes, the heroine put on a special sexy underwear and got high popularity and attention among animation fans.

Anime 05: "Crown of Sin"

"Crown of Sin" is an animation with a world that integrates technology and superpowers, telling the conflict between institutions and superpowers.In one of the episodes, the character Yin Ling was punished for a messy underwear to walk because of doing something wrong. She put on sexy underwear and attracted a lot of attention.

Anime 06: "Polar Dao Super Girl"

"Poor Dao Super Girl" is an animation about girls and fierce fighting, which mainly tells the story of several girls who are fostering in a hotel on the side of the road.In one of the episodes, one of the roles of the fish foam put on a sexy underwear, and the color that wanted to cover her even made her more cute.

Anime 07: "Confused Butler and Cowardly Me"

"Confused Butler and Cowardly Me" is an animation describing the daily life of the protagonist and the steward.In a episode of the plot, the heroine Hashita Chiyo was dressed as a sexy underwear by the housekeeper of the Meiwa family. Although she was surprised at first, she soon played very freely.

Anime 08: "Absolute Double Blade"

"Absolute Double Blade" is an animation describing the girl’s self -improvement into a demon hunter.In one of the "Summer Girls" in one of the special set catalog 012, the heroine wore a fresh sexy underwear to show a sexy personality and transparency.

Anime 09: "Rebellion Lulu Xiu"

"Rebellion Lulu Xiu" is an animation about rebellion and dictatorship. The protagonist Lu Luxiu is a strategic genius.In one of the episodes, the heroine C.C wore a messy underwear in chaos. This sexy underwear was extremely sexy and exclaimed.

Anime 10: "Idol Master"

"Idol Master" is an animation with the theme of idols. The story tells the process of a group of girls becoming an excellent idol through her own efforts.In one of the episodes, the heroine Gao Yuanfeng wore a pink series of sexy underwear, showing the perfect body proportion to the audience.

in conclusion

In general, anime has become a part of social culture, and sexy underwear is a fashion and lifestyle.Looking at the two together may bring us more interesting stories and passionate sparks.The Chinese clothes and temperament showed in this way may make more people like the special way of dressing with sexy underwear.

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