What are the flowers in sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a clothing full of teasing and mysterious, far better than ordinary underwear.Different sexy underwear has different uses and characteristics. Next, let’s take a look at these tricks.

Sexy bra

Sexy bras are a popular sexy underwear, which can not only strengthen the figure, but also highlight the beautiful curve and sexy charm of women.The style of sexy bras includes recommended bras, triangular bras, cups, deep V and back -back.These bras have their own unique purpose and style for women to choose from different occasions.

Lace panties

For women, sexy does not only refer to appearance, but also performing internal performance.Lace underwear is a very popular type in sexy underwear. It can not only improve the sexyness of women, but also better express the beautiful curve of women.As long as you are familiar with your figure and what kind of shape you want to make, you can choose a variety of lace panties.

Tight -fitting tights

The tights will wrap your body tightly, which can improve the curve of the outline of the figure, and also bring a adventurous experience to women.Unlike conventional figure -shaped clothes, the tights of sexy underwear brought a more overcast touch to women’s skin.At the same time, tights are also a good choice during sex.


Interest underwear should have mystery and feelings, and a robe is one of them.The robe is a long -sleeved loose sexy underwear. The material is usually silk, linen or smooth cotton cloth.This clothing can shape the feminine image unique to women, showing its charm with a charming gesture before going to bed.

Belly Boat -style erotic underwear

The bellyband is a mysterious sexy underwear, which is very popular abroad.Unlike other types of erotic underwear, the bellyband covers only women’s chest and lower abdomen, and all parts of other parts are exposed.The lining of this sexy underwear is usually cotton material, which can strengthen the mystery of the appearance and easy to wear.

Sexy socks

Interest socks are also very popular in sexy underwear.Some women are unwilling to wear pantyhose, hoping to show more sexy and charming in their legs.Interest socks can fully show the beautiful outlines of women’s calves and thighs, and increase the sexuality of women.

Erotic suit

The sex set is a kind of sexy clothing that combines multiple underwear in one body, usually consisting of bras, close -fitting tights, socks, etc.This sexy underwear suit can better show the sexy appearance of women and create a more tempting image.

Interesting role -playing clothing

Interesting role -playing clothing is a very challenging sexy underwear.Women can play different types of characters after wearing various sexy role -playing clothing. Whether dolls, maids or nurses, they can bring more fun and stimuli.

There are many different tricks in erotic underwear, and each one has different uses and advantages.Each woman can choose their favorite sexy underwear and show their unique beautiful appearance and sexy charm.

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