What do boys want to show you sex underwear? What do you want to express?

What do boys want to show you sex underwear? What do you want to express?

My boyfriend gives you a fun underwear, what will you feel?Are you excited or embarrassed?Is it surprising or speechless?In fact, there may be many intentions behind boys to send sex underwear. Let’s reveal it together.

Way of expressing love

Boys sending sexy underwear often want to express their love by this.In the eyes of the other half, he will feel the intention and attention of the other party.This is also a manifestation of the features and surprises in the choice of gifts.

Appreciate your figure

In addition to expressing love, boys may also appreciate your figure.Interest underwear is generally tight or translucent, which can not only highlight your body curve, but also create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere.

Hope to try new things

Boys may also want to try something new, stimulate the sexual interest and taste of the other half.Sometimes trying new postures and methods can also enhance feelings and create sweet memories.

Improve the quality of sexual life

Sexual life is an important part of the husband and wife relationship. Boys may also want to improve the quality of sexual life by sending sex underwear and the other half.The style of sexy underwear is rich in style, which can be suitable for different scenes and requirements, making sex more interesting and exciting.

Solving sexual problems

The sexy underwear of boys may also be a problem of solving sex.For example, the problem of penile curvature, inexhaustible urine, and impotence. Choosing the right sexy underwear can help alleviate these problems and improve the quality of sexual life.

Increase the self -confidence of the other half

Whether it is men and women, there will be some inferiority and restless emotions, and sexy underwear can increase the self -confidence of the other half.It can make the wearer feel more sexy and charming, and it can also make the other party more focused and romantic, to achieve the effect of joy and satisfaction.

Tease the other half

I have to say that sexy underwear itself is a kind of coordination and suspicion.Perhaps boys to send fun underwear, maybe they also want to use this mystery and freshness to play the other half to make each other’s relationship more stable and interesting.

Strengthen the intimacy of the relationship between the two people

In the end, boys are often sent to strengthen the intimacy of the relationship between the two.In terms of sex, the couple can further recognize each other, and can also continuously improve each other’s emotional cognition and cultural inventory in running -in and adjustment.


There may be many reasons for boys to send fun underwear, but in the final analysis, they all hope that each other’s feelings are sweeter and stable.No matter what purpose, the girl who accepts the gift should be grateful to her boyfriend’s intentions and emotions.In daily life, both husband and wife should also communicate and try more to increase the intimacy and trust of feelings.

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