What does it mean to send a girlfriend sexy underwear?

What does it mean to send a girlfriend sexy underwear?

Sending a girlfriend’s erotic underwear is a relatively private gift and a relatively mature behavior.Many people do not understand the concept of sexy underwear, and they are prohibited in some areas.In foreign countries, sexy underwear is a common sex toy, a good way to increase sexual interest and enhance emotion.In this article, I will introduce the meaning of the representative of sexy underwear for girlfriends.

1. Care and respect

Sending a girlfriend’s erotic underwear represents the care and respect for boys for girls.When a boy sent girls’ sexy underwear, he showed that he was willing to adjust his attitude and behavior to meet the needs of girls.A boy who cares about girls will not only buy gifts, cosmetics, clothes and other gifts for girls, but also choose the right sexy underwear for girls.This behavior shows that boys should consider and care about the needs and feelings of girls as much as possible, which helps enhance the feelings of both parties.

2. Increase interest and sexual interest

Sending a girlfriend’s erotic underwear represents the love of boys for girls, and can increase sexual interest and interest.Fun underwear is usually a very sexy, charming and teasing underwear, which can make girls feel confident and joy, and enhance the emotional communication and experience of both parties.With the help of sexy underwear, both men and women can understand each other more deeply, and it is easier to meet sexual needs.

Third, strengthen gender awareness

Sending a girlfriend’s erotic underwear represents the strengthening of men and women’s consciousness.In the experience of finding sexy underwear, both sides must understand their physical characteristics, women’s special needs, and men’s hobbies.This can better help two people build gender consciousness and personality cognition, and meet each other’s needs and expectations in different ways.This also helps to establish a more stable, healthy and positive gender concept in long -term interaction.

Fourth, reduce communication misunderstanding

Sending a girlfriend’s sexy underwear represents the willingness of boys to actively communicate.If a boy sends a sexy underwear to a girl, it shows that he has a in -depth understanding of the needs and expectations of girls and try to meet as much as possible.This also helps reduce the misunderstanding of communication between the two parties and promote a better sex experience.

5. Comparison mentality

Sending a girlfriend’s sexy underwear may also represent a comparison mentality.In social occasions, some boys will send sexy underwear to girls to prove their taste or richness.This behavior may cause girls’ impression and feelings to boys, and may affect the feelings of both parties.

6. Respect for women’s choices

Sending a girlfriend’s erotic underwear does not mean that boys can expect and ask girls to do their unwilling or incomprehensible behavior in dressing and sexual needs.In gifts, boys should respect the choices and desires of girls in the experience of wearing and sex, rather than interference and decisions without authorization.This can not only maintain the dignity and rights of both parties, but also promote the establishment of a health and happiness relationship.

Seven, privacy protection

Sending a girlfriend’s erotic underwear represents the attitude of boys to protect girls’ privacy.Sexy underwear is a personal item, and maybe girls don’t want to show it out.When sending love underwear, boys should respect the privacy of girls and not show underwear in public.

8. Enhance intimacy

Sending a girlfriend’s sexy underwear represents the desire of boys to enhance the intimate relationship between the two sides.In sex and love romantic experience, sexy underwear is an important tool and auxiliary product.If a boy can understand the deep desire and deal with girls’ needs for sexy underwear, it is likely to deepen the feelings between the two people, and eventually achieve the happiness of mutual respect and love, holding hands to the old.


In the above analysis, I hope to present not only the functions, values and functions of sexy underwear, but also the understanding and response skills of sexy underwear.Each gift has its special meaning and value, and sexy underwear is no exception.Using sexy underwear reasonably and flexibly can not only meet the sexual needs of both parties, but also bring many unexpected life experiences.

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