What is the meaning of split sex underwear?

What does split sex lingerie mean?

Sexy underwear is one of the fashion products that modern women are keen, and sprouts in markets have attracted much attention.However, for those who first come into contact with such products, they may not know what it represents.In this article, we will answer this question by analyzing the definition, type and matching method of split sexy underwear.

What is a split sex underwear?

The name of the split sex underwear is designed to design a special split on the parts of the bra and panties, which increases the sexy and irritating visual effects.There are many design styles in the split sex underwear, some are V -shaped, T -shaped or U -shaped splits, some will be designed on the front, back or side waist, etc.Laces and other elements are even more eye -catching.

What are the functions of split sex underwear?

The function of split sex underwear is very rich. In addition to bringing sexy and irritating visual effects to women, it can also significantly improve sexual pleasure.In addition, the split design can also facilitate women’s changes in various angles in sexual life to meet the interesting needs of different periods.

What are the types of split sex underwear?

1. Plaid to split sexy underwear: As the name suggests, the upper and lower two pieces of this sexy underwear have a corresponding split design, which adds more sexy effects.

2. Single -open sex underwear: This kind of underwear is only open in the lower body area, emphasizing the visual effect of sex, increasing the pleasure and excitement of sex.

3. Pulling for a multi -open sex underwear: There are multiple splits in the upper and lower parts of the upper and lower parts of this sexy underwear. It can also increase different wearable options while bringing sexy and irritating.

What should I pay attention to with open fork -to -porny underwear?

1. Determine the type of figure: The split -fun underwear emphasizes sexy and irritating, but if you do not choose a style suitable for your body, it is easy to expose your own shortcomings and lack aesthetics.

2. Appropriate occasions: split sex underwear is not suitable for wearing in public, so as not to cause discomfort of others.

3. accessories selection: split sex lingerie and different types of accessories can produce different effects, such as high heels, stockings, etc. can enhance sexy, while leather costumes will make the image more "sexy and charming".

What are the maintenance methods of split sex underwear?

1. Hand washing: split sex underwear is a high -end product. You need to wash with mild soapy water and hand. For lace or silk, you can choose a special detergent.

2. Wear/take off: When wearing and take off your underwear, you should pay attention to the soft techniques to avoid polishing the exposed details.

3. Storage: The storage of split sex underwear should avoid contact with the sun and humidity. You can gather the details together and place it in a closed box.


Speak sex underwear is a salivated and attractive fashion product. It can increase the sexy and stimulus of women, and increase more changes and pleasure to sexual life.We also need to pay attention to details such as maintenance and accessories.Only by fully understanding the knowledge of open -fork sexy underwear can we experience its wonderful charm from it.

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