What is the sexy underwear woman?

Understand your shape

First of all, you must understand your body and shape to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.For example, if you belong to an apple -type figure, you should choose the style that can emphasize the waistline and the chest; if you are a pear -shaped figure, you should choose the style that can set off the curve beauty.

What should I pay attention to?

Secondly, it is very important to choose the material.Style, comfort and durability should be considered.Commonly used sexy lingerie materials include silk, lace, cotton and linen, and so on.High -quality erotic underwear materials are not only more comfortable, but also more textured, making you feel sexy and confident when putting on.

Sexy or flirting?

The type of sexy underwear can be roughly divided into two categories: sexy and flirting.Which type of sexy underwear is selected, you need to consider the temperament you want to express.If you want to show sexy charm, you can selectively sexy sexy underwear. If you want to create a romantic flirting effect, choose a flirtatious sexy underwear.Of course, you can also choose different styles of sexy underwear according to the situation changes.

Color choice

The color choice of sexy underwear is also important.Different colors will bring different effects.Black, red, blue, white and purple are the most common color choices.Black and red are usually representatives of sexy tones, while white, blue and purple are more suitable for flirting.Of course, personal preference should also be considered into consideration.

Cup option

The size and model of the cup are important factor affecting the comfort and appearance effect of sexy underwear.If the cup is too small, it will cause chest squeezing and uncomfortable. If the cup is too large, there will be problems such as air or clothing friction.Therefore, you must choose the appropriate cup size so that it can reflect the effect of sexy underwear, and it is more comfortable and natural.

Appearance choice

The appearance is one of the key elements of sexy underwear.Different people have different aesthetic views and can try different styles of sexy underwear.Some erotic underwear uses lace, perspective and grid design, which can bring you more sexy and romantic.

High -quality production and workmanship

In addition to the appearance, high -quality production and workmanship are also very important.When your sexy underwear is good, wearing comfortable, and durable, it will make you more confident.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to materials and production workmanship to ensure that you can buy good goods.

Age and occasion

Women of different ages should choose a sexy underwear that suits them.In addition, different erotic underwear should be selected according to different needs, such as homewear, dinner, dinner, vacation and other occasions require different sexy underwear.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is very important for the life and appearance of sexy underwear.If incorrect cleaning and maintenance, it will not only affect the life and appearance of sexy underwear, but also cause discomfort and infection.Therefore, after use, be sure to clean and maintain according to the guide.

in conclusion

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you will make you more confident and sexy, and you can also find your own charm and style.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must fully consider your body, material, style, color, cup, appearance, production workmanship, age, occasion, cleaning and maintenance and other important factors.Only by considering these factors, can we choose sexy underwear that suits you and show the most beautiful self.

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