What kind of sexy underwear in the physical store

What kind of sexy underwear in the physical store

Interest underwear is not only a clothing, but also a reflection of sentiment and personality.Buying sexy underwear in physical stores can make you feel more intuitively, but there are many types of physical stores. How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?This article will introduce you in detail which sexy underwear in the physical store is best for you.

1. Broken trousers

Broa trousers are a very common sexy underwear. The design of non -marks can be shaped well.The design of the briefs can well modify the hip lines, making women more sexy and charming.

2. Lace cup bra

Lace cup bra, which is a sexy underwear that allows women to perfectly display their own curves, especially for women with full breasts. They can better display cleavage and more feminine charm.

3. High -heeled stockings

High -heeled stockings are a very sexy index in sexy underwear. The sexy point of this style is mainly on the display of the feet, which can better highlight the long legs and perfect curves of women.

4. Bad bra

The naked bra is a very unique sexy underwear. The hollow design can well show the seductive chest curve of women. At the same time, the simple design is also suitable for various clothing.

5. Funny legs shop leather tight pants

This sexy underwear is mainly based on leather materials. Perfect cutting can better show the perfect figure of women. At the same time, sex products with other materials can better reflect the coordination of sexy underwear and sex products.

6. Wear massage device

The appearance of wearable massage looks like ordinary sexy underwear, but it is a very practical massage that can help women alleviate physical fatigue and discomfort.

7. Oks shoulder clothing

The off -the -shoulder design can better show the beautiful shoulder lines of women, making women more sexy and fresh.And during sexual activities, the protection of privacy is relatively good.

8. pajamas suite

The pajamas suite is a more wide -looking sexy underwear suitable for the age layer. You can stroll lazily at home and spend the two -person world.

9. Open pants

Open crotch underwear is a very important sexy underwear in sex activities.Easy to wear can satisfy the faster sexual behavior of couples.

10. Grade underwear

Rubbing underwear is a new tide sexy underwear. Its unique design is welcomed by young people.There are certain stimulating factors inside the underwear, which can help women improve their sexual enjoyment.

in conclusion

Judging from the above -mentioned sexy lingerie classification, each sex underwear has its own characteristics.When choosing, consider personal needs and preferences.Although buying sexy underwear is personal private affairs, when purchasing in physical stores, you can learn more practical and intuitively, and you can better communicate with the store.

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