What machines are used for sex underwear?

What machine manufacture sexy underwear?

If you buy sexy underwear, you may imagine that workers in a manual workshop use needle wire and scissors to make, but in fact, modern sex lingerie manufacturing usually involves advanced machines and technologies.

Knitting machine

The use of knitted machines is one of the most critical steps in the production of sexy underwear.These machines use needles to wear knitted fabrics to form the shapes of socks, socks, and other similar products.Computer programming software controls machines to ensure that each product meets the specifications of designers.

Printing machine

In the process of erotic underwear manufacturing, designers usually decide to add some creative elements and patterns. These elements and patterns can be made with modern printed machines.These machines use screens, particle devices and spray guns to printed on knitted fabrics.

High -heading machine

High -heading machine is a machine necessary for making needle -free products.When using a high -pound machine, insert the coil between the two knitted fabrics, and then close them together.By heating current and using high -frequency machines, these coils will be combined with knitted fabrics to form seamless cutting.

Automatic cutter

In this step, the machine will cut the knitted fabric into shape according to the specifications and size requirements of the designer.The automatic cutting machine uses a computer -assisted design software to transmit the cut -fabric lines of the cutting fabric to the machine, and achieve good cutting quality by cutting.

Fixing machine

Once the knitted fabric is cut into appropriate sizes and shapes, it is necessary to connect and merge different parts.The fitting machine can complete this process and fix the components by heating and adhesion technology.This step ensures that different components and shapes can be seamlessly bonded together.

textile machine

When making sexy underwear, use textile machines can make various fabrics and breathable materials.These machines woven the yarn or fiber into a knitted fabric with different thickness, patterns and effects.These knitted fabrics can be used in the inner or outer layer of sexy underwear.


Embroidery is a technology that arrange the yarn on the knitted fabric to form a pattern.The embroidery machine makes this process faster and easy, while achieving better control from the accuracy and creativity of production links.


In this step, the machine uses different materials for the design of sexy underwear.This method is particularly common in small design. The compression of high -end rubber materials is also used in various sexy underwear, including high -necked bra and vests.

Sewing machine

When making sexy underwear, the sewing machine is ubiquitous.The sewing machine is very important for ensuring quality and accuracy in the production link. By sticking different components together, these components are finally sutured into a complete product.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is jointly completed by various machines and technologies.These machines can control costs, reduce time, improve creativity and innovation in enterprises.Each step requires strict testing to ensure the high quality and customer satisfaction of sexy underwear.If you want to buy sexy underwear, the modern manufacturing method guarantees that you will have the best quality and functional performance in design and use.

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