Where can I buy sexy underwear usually?

Where can I buy sexy underwear usually?

Interest underwear has a variety of color and special design styles and colors, so that many consumers hope to get a better experience in buying and purchasing.Although there are many stores selling sexy underwear on the market, it is difficult for customers to choose the right store in many choices.

1. Online shopping platform

Many people choose to shop online, because this can save time and energy, and at the same time can easily browse many different options.Online shopping usually provides more choices, and the price is more transparent.However, due to the inability to try on it in person, problems such as inappropriate sizes and inconsistencies in imagination may be encountered.

2. Sexy underwear store

Sexy underwear stores usually provide more detailed consultation and guidance.The clerk can help customers provide more suggestions on materials, styles and size selection.And the scene allows consumers to try it directly to ensure that the most suitable underwear can be purchased.

3. Department Store

Many department stores have sold sex underwear counters or stores. These sales points usually have a large number of brands and product choices.At the same time, because customers have high trust in malls, they are more willing to buy underwear in the mall.

4. Second -hand market

There are usually many cheap erotic underwear in the second -hand market.This will be a cheaper choice, but it needs to be noted that their quality may not be guaranteed.Therefore, if it is safe and hygienic reasons, buying second -hand underwear should be more cautious.

5. Long -term buyer’s shop

If you already have a long -term purchase shop, then you can often patronize this store.On the one hand, this can establish a long -term trust relationship; on the other hand, the clerk will know your needs more and your preference.

6. Social media platform

The social media platform does not sell sexy underwear directly.However, some brands will promote promotion on social media such as WeChat and Weibo, and often achieve publicity through social media and issuing discount codes.

7. Overseas purchasing

Even in China, some brands of sexy underwear can be obtained through overseas purchasing, which can cross regional restrictions.The price of overseas purchasing may be more reasonable, and it can also get more brand choices.

8. Featured sexy products store

Featured sexy stores can be considered a theme shop for sexy underwear, sex products and related accessories.These shops usually provide more unique and personalized product lines.However, these shops usually have some unusual price differences.

9. Offline exhibitions, markets, stalls

Some offline market sets, exhibitions and booths are generally organized by organizers such as sex underwear brands.The purpose of these activities is to publicize brands and products to more vast audiences through various channels.It is a good place if you can try it on and ask professional brand personnel directly during this period.

10. Recommended

If you do n’t have time to study or uncertain which brand, shops and products to buy, you can get recommendation by asking experienced people or forum groups.This method can not only seek shopping advice from others, but also obtain the shopping experience and suggestions of others directly.


For the choice of buying sexy underwear, we need to choose from factors such as our own real needs, budget, quality acceptance and trust.At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the safety and quality of the product to ensure our own rights and health.

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