Why do you use sexy underwear and milk stickers?

Understand the love underwear plus milk sticker

Interesting underwear and milk stickers are a widely used underwear accessories that can make women feel more sexy and confident, especially when wearing low -cut, back -off and strap clothing.They can increase the size and fullness of the chest, improve the chest shape, and improve the coordination of clothing.However, some women still have doubts and confusion about the use of sexy underwear and milk stickers. I do n’t know how they play a role. Let ’s take a look.

What is the milk sticker

Add milk stickers, also known as chest pads, chest pads, enlarged stickers, breast enhancement stickers, etc., which is a sticky material attached to the lower part of the chest. It is generally made of silicone, sponge, foam and other materials.The shape of the milk sticker is round, triangular, ellipse, etc., and there are different choices in size.

Advantages of milk stickers

The biggest advantage of breastfeeding is that the chest can make the chest look fuller, plump and upright, and increase women’s self -confidence and attractiveness.At the same time, it can also improve the shape of the chest, make the chest lines more beautiful and natural, and can also avoid the embarrassment of underwear or chest filling due to low chest and back clothing.

How to use milk stickers

Before using the milk patch, you need to clean the skin of the chest to avoid the interference of oil and moisture.Then paste the milk sticker vertically under the chest and the side, and gently pat and rub to fit the chest to make the chest more natural and more comfortable.Before taking off the milk patch, you need to slowly remove it from the side to avoid friction and irritation to the skin.

Precautions for adding milk stickers

Pay attention to the following points when using milk stickers:

Do not wear continuously in the event, so as not to cause discomfort and health to the chest;

Do not use milk stickers under the condition of the chest or skin allergies;

Do not use expired or broken milk stickers;

Do not use too large or too small to add milk, so as not to cause discomfort and wear effects;

Don’t wear milk stickers while sleeping or strenuous exercise.

The matching of milk stickers and underwear

Add milk stickers can be used with various underwear. The commonly used shoulder strap underwear, disassembled underwear with steel rings, etc.Low -cut clothing needs to choose a milk patch with a central pressure to achieve better chest support effects.

How to clean and maintain milk stickers

The cleaning and maintenance method of breastfeeding stickers is very important, which can improve the service life and hygiene level.You need to wash it gently with water and soap. Do not rub or wash hard, and then dry it naturally. Be careful not to dry or use a hair dryer under the sun.

Brand recommendation of milk stickers

There are many brands with milk stickers on the market. The more popular women are Lazeme, Braza, Lingerie Solutions, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, etc. Consumers can choose according to their needs and budgets.

Alternative to milk stickers

If you do n’t like it or are not suitable for using milk patch, there are other chest filling materials to replace, such as chest pads, bra, chest pads, chest sponge, etc. You can also choose chest breast enhancement underwear or plastic surgery.

my point of view

Interest underwear and milk stickers are a common women’s underwear accessories that can increase the fullness of the chest and improve the chest shape, enhance the comfort and beauty of women’s wear.Using milk stickers, you need to follow the method and precautions, and choose the brand and style that suits you.In terms of chest filling, adding milk stickers is just a choice. Women can choose other alternatives or methods according to their preferences and needs.

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