Why is it allowed to sell sexy underwear?


As a special costume, sexy underwear has become a widely accepted cultural trend in contemporary society.Although it also caused some controversy, selling sexy underwear is still allowed.So why is it allowed to sell sexy underwear?This article will solve this problem from multiple angles.

Cultural tolerance

Each culture has its own unique aesthetic and cultural tradition. The appearance of sexy underwear reflects the cultural inclusiveness of modern society.This clothing brings a new style of dressing, expands people’s selection, and promotes social exchanges and cultural exchanges.This cultural inclusiveness is also reflected in laws and regulations, because modern society respects and protect personal rights and freedom.

Commercial demand

The interesting underwear market has developed rapidly in recent years and is an emerging industry in the economic market.This kind of business demand also provides business opportunities for many companies, which has stimulated economic growth and innovation.In this case, the government must also ensure fair competition and freedom of trade.

Adult products market demand

As a sexual and cultural expression, sexy underwear has an inseparable relationship with the adult product market.With the continuous development of sexual culture and adult products market, more and more people have begun to accept sex underwear, which has also promoted the development of the sex underwear market.Therefore, the prohibition of selling fun underwear may have a negative impact on the adult product market.

Art and Fashion

The design and production of sexy underwear are based on different art and fashion elements.In some cases, sexy underwear is not only regarded as a underwear, but also a fashion or artistic expression.This aesthetic trend is also accepted and respected by modern society because it can improve people’s aesthetic level and art appreciation ability.

Social and emotional needs

Sex underwear can also be used as a expression of social and emotional needs. Some people choose to wear sexy underwear to express their personality, taste and style on important occasions.Emotionally, sexy underwear can also be used to regulate the relationship between couples, couples, and partners, and improve social and emotional exchanges.

Laws and regulations

Allowing to sell sexy underwear does not mean that any sex underwear can be sold in the market.The government must ensure consumers ‘rights and interests and protect consumers’ security when planning and enforcement of laws and regulations.For example, some types of sexy underwear need to meet certain standards in order to sell and use in the market.

Basic human rights

Personal basic rights include free expression, free choice, etc.From this perspective, selling interesting underwear is a manifestation of basic human rights.Allowing selling fun underwear represents the right to protect consumers and the right to express freedom.

Women’s autonomous choice

As a woman’s fashion and cultural expression, sexy underwear provides women with countless choices.Women have the right to choose from, and can freely choose the clothing and underwear they want, and can express their own personality and charm.The government must protect women’s options and eliminate gender discrimination.


While allowing sex underwear, the government must also ensure the health and sanitary standards of sexy underwear.As a skin -friendly underwear, sexy underwear must meet certain health standards so that it will not cause any harm to consumers’ health.


Through the above analysis, we can conclude: Why is it allowed to sell sexy underwear?Because the roots of sexy underwear are planted in the culture, business, and personal needs of modern society, it also represents people’s basic rights and gender equality. The government must protect consumers’ rights and security, allow consumers to freely choose health and health standards.

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