Will sexy underwear infect the virus?

Will sexy underwear be infected with viruses?The truth of decryption

In recent years, there have been some rumors about sexy underwear infection viruses. It has made many enthusiastic lingerie and people who like to try fresh.These rumors can’t help but have questions: Is the sexy underwear really infected with the virus?Are these rumors basically?This article will decrypt the truth of these rumors from different aspects.

Rumor 1: Fun underwear can cause infectious transmission diseases

According to conventional physiological principles, sexy underwear does not cause infectious transmission diseases. This statement is purely nonsense.Sexual communication diseases are transmitted through sexual contact, and sexy underwear cannot spread the virus through a simple contact method.

Rumor 2: Fun underwear will infect bacterial infections

In fact, theoretically, sexy underwear may infect bacterial infections.When female reproductive organs discharge or male organs secretions are contaminated on sexy underwear, if not washed in time, bacteria carried in these secretions may breed and cause bacterial infections.

Rumor 3: Interesting underwear fabric design is not environmentally friendly and may contain chemical composition

This statement is also relatively limited, because it is well known that many countries have certain restrictions on the environmental protection standards of products, and sexy underwear manufacturers will not make fun underwear with environmental protection problems.

Rumor 4: Fun underwear is not cleaned, and harmful substances may be left

Most of the sexy underwear products can be washed water, and the formula of detergent has been professional scientific research and will not remain harmful substances.However, some sexy underwear supplies may contain some cellulose or even fiber. These materials are difficult to decompose in water and require professional washing and drying.

Rumor 5: Interesting underwear products are not easy to clean, and dirt may accumulate

The sexy underwear products can be cleaned. You only need to put the sexy underwear you used to add an appropriate amount of detergent to the water, and rub the massage to clean it.It should be noted that do not rub it with your hands, which will damage the fabrics of sexy underwear products and cause secondary pollution.

Rumor 6: The material of sexy underwear is not safe, which may be harmful to the human body

Most of the material of the erotic underwear manufacturers is normal materials such as Modal, linen, cotton, etc. These materials are safe.When choosing sexy underwear, consumers are advised to choose reputable brands to avoid buying erotic underwear with lack of quality and problems with materials.

Rumor 7: The pigment used in sexy underwear may be harmful to the human body

Most of the sexy underwear uses natural dyes, and some of them are chemical dyes. However, these dyes are used on sexy underwear under the condition of multiple soaking and special processes.Under normal use, sexy underwear dyes will not threaten human health.

Rumor 8: Fun underwear will be too long and will gradually change color

The fabrics of some sexy underwear brands are indeed affected by light or temperature, and the color gradient occurs.However, this does not mean that there is a quality problem in sexy underwear. Once the quality of sex underwear is found during use, it should be approved to replace with the brand or merchant in time.

Rumor 9: The accessories of sexy underwear may hurt the corner of the human body

When designing sexy underwear, the brand will choose the material of the underwear accessories to ensure that the material is safe and reliable.All underwear accessories must also be tested and tested to ensure that it will not cause harm to the human body.

in conclusion

Although some rumors about erotic underwear are more than circulating, in fact, as a healthy and beautiful underwear brand, sex underwear is guaranteed in quality.If you want to try different underwear styles, choose sexy underwear boldly, but you must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance to ensure your health and safety.

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