2o16 years of sexy underwear walk show

1. AShisse brand sexy underwear catwalk show

In 2016, the performance of the ASEST brand is particularly prominent.At the event site, the brand’s stage layout, clothing matching and model performance all showed a high level, presenting a wonderful visual feast to the audience.

2. Exquisite fabric material design

In 2016’s sexy underwear catwalk, not only pays attention to the sense of design, but also pays more attention to the improvement of the fabric material.Designers use various high -quality fabrics, such as silk, lace, tulle, etc., making sexy underwear not only a "decoration", but also a very comfortable dressing experience.

3. Popularity of nude design

A popular trend in the design industry of the sex underwear in 2016 is "naked design". This design concept is to make women feel naked and closely designed.For example, adding a variety of useful decorations to the tulle fabric makes women look more sexy and feels more strong.

4. Innovation in color

In terms of color, the design of sexy underwear in 2016 also focused on innovation and breakthroughs.From dark, light -colored to color, the designers play tricks, so that the color matching is no longer monotonous, which is more trendy.

5. Use of fabric lace

The use of the use of fabric lace.In 2016, lace fabrics were widely used in the design of sexy underwear.The texture of this fabric is soft and elastic, which can enhance the charm of women well and become one of the mainstream fabrics of sexy underwear.

6. Consider the comfort of wearing

Compared with the past, the design of sexy underwear today pays more attention to the comfort of wearing, which perfectly combines women’s sense of use with fashion.

7. Various styles of design

In response to different needs, the designers have launched a variety of sexy lingerie styles: such as tulle underwear, gathering underwear, three -point underwear, hanging neck underwear, etc. to meet the needs of various customers.

8. Diversified style choice

At the same time, the design of sexy underwear in 2016 also shows a diversified style choice.Whether it is cute, sexy or sweet, has its own unique charm and style, which provides more choices for fashionable women.

9. Models’ expressiveness is continuously improved

Every detail of the sexy underwear catwalk creates the visual impact of the audience, and the expressiveness of the models cannot be ignored.In the 2016 sexy underwear catwalk, the models not only complemented the stage jewelry, but also brought endless joy and satisfaction to the audience with their skilled model skills.

10. Excellent clothing matching skills

The last thing to say is that the 2016 sexy underwear catwalk show is excellent clothing matching skills.The designers, coupled with the excellent expressiveness of the models, brought clothing to a higher level.The details guarantee everything.

In general, the design concepts and trends of sexy underwear are extremely diverse, and the new trend has gradually entered the mainstream market. While providing consumers with diverse choices, it also gives people more inspiration for fashion life.

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