Children’s clothing or sex lingerie network store

Children's clothing or sex lingerie network store

1 Introduction

With the rapid development of e -commerce, more and more people have begun to pay attention to entrepreneurial opportunities to become online store owners.However, what type of product to sell seems to be a problem.Among various products, opening sex underwear or children’s clothing stores are two profitable tracks.So how to choose?Below, we will compare the direction of these two online stores so that you can make a better decision.

2. Cross comparison

First of all, we need to understand the target consumers of these two products.Children’s clothing is facing infants, children and adolescents, and sexy underwear is an exclusive category of adults.The demand, consumption power, frequency of purchase, and purchase methods of these two consumer groups are different.You need to choose which online stores are opened based on your positioning and crowd analysis.

3. Market environment

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From the perspective of the market environment, in the children’s clothing market, there are many brands, and the competition is relatively large; the sex underwear market is still in the start -up stage that has attracted much attention, and the competition is relatively small.Specific how to choose factors such as their own funds, industry backgrounds, and related experience.

4. Investment cost

In terms of investment costs, opening children’s clothing stores require a lot of inventory, rent, decoration and other costs.In addition to high investment, the cost recovery period is also longer.In terms of sexy underwear online stores, there is no need to have a large amount of inventory, and it can be provided with advanced use of agency. The cost of rent and decoration is relatively low, and the cost recovery period is relatively short.

5. Legal risk

The children’s clothing industry involves the relevant legal regulations and standards of children, and it needs to meet the requirements of safety, technology, and environmental protection.If production and sales do not meet these standards, they will face fines and legal risks.The sex underwear industry also needs to pay attention to the relevant regulations of the state’s sexual supplies, but compared to children’s clothing, the legal risk is small.

6. Operation mode

The operating model of children’s clothing stores and sexy underwear online stores is also different.The operation of children’s clothing stores needs to consider factors such as the surrounding environment and people’s flow, such as location, product types, pricing, and after -sales service.Fun underwear online stores can conduct data analysis, product optimization and publicity planning based on the accurate crowd positioning and the continuous promotion of e -commerce platforms.Compared with children’s clothing stores, sexy underwear online stores are more flexible, interactive, traffic guidance and data operation.

7. Profit model

The profit model of children’s clothing stores and sexy underwear online stores is also different.The main interests of children’s clothing stores come from sales revenue, and you can also consider some additional business and brand value -added rent.The profit model of sexy underwear online stores is mainly concentrated in product profits, and less with other businesses.However, the types and consumption methods of the sex underwear industry are also diverse and market -oriented, and some profit margins can be excavated and excavated.


8. Stability

In terms of stability, the life cycle of the children’s clothing industry is relatively long, and it is necessary to continue to innovate and change in order to keep up with the pace of the times; while the sex underwear industry is relatively stable, and it can continuously update the product category, style, style, etc.Degree, win market share.Both need to pay attention to brand building and operation and maintenance. By accumulating word -of -mouth and relationships, brand trust and viscosity are improved.

9. Summary

In summary, the opening of sex underwear online stores and children’s clothing stores have their advantages and disadvantages and limitations. It is necessary to consider many factors such as market demand, consumption habits, profit models, and stability.If you have relevant industry experience or market insights, you can choose the sexy underwear industry; if you have related backgrounds for brands and regions, or if you want to enter an industry with a stable customer base, you can choose the children’s clothing industry.After all, if you want to start a business success, the most important thing is to choose the right industry and model, and maintain the mentality of continuous learning and improvement.