Costume photo sexy underwear picture video


The popularity of photos and videos of costumes in costume photos has become the phenomenon of social culture today. More and more women and male lovers have joined this cultural trend.This form of sexy underwear with the theme of costumes has a full sense of artistic and fashionable, as well as a unique classic beauty.Let’s take a closer look at this type of sexy underwear in detail.

Type 1: Ancient Wind Instead Underwear

Ancient and sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear in costume photos. It is a sexy underwear with the theme of ancient Chinese clothing and style. Typical representatives include Hanfu, Tangfeng, flower and birds, peony and so on.These sexy underwear provides a unique and charming atmosphere for men and women, especially for some people who pursue individuality and fashion, which is a very suitable choice.

Type 2: European sexy underwear

European sex lingerie is mainly characterized by European classicism and romanticism, bringing people a charming and romantic atmosphere.This sexy underwear includes European craftsmanship, European classicalism, stockings, etc., all reveal a special fashion and personality.

Type three: kimono sexy underwear

Commonwealth and sexy underwear is a perfect combination of ancient tradition and modern fashion. Unlike the simple and elegant of traditional Japanese clothing, and kimono sexy underwear pays more attention to fashion and personality. Often, many improvements and innovations have been made in design.International.

Type 4: Lale sexy underwear

Lane sex underwear is a traditional sexy underwear. With exquisite lace as design elements, it adds a charming breath and delicate feeling.This kind of sexy underwear can be a variety of design methods such as low -cut, back, and straps. It is generally used to wear important festivals such as Valentine’s Day and Wedding.

Type 5: Lian Sports Character

Even physical and sexy underwear is a relatively new type of sexy underwear. It combines the design of the upper body and the lower body, making the overall clothing effect more coherent.At the same time, it adds more fashion elements in design. The innovative design method brings unlimited surprises and freshness.

Type 6: lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a relatively high -level sexy underwear. With lace as the main design element, the wearer shows a gentle and sexy charm.Lace erotic underwear can be a variety of bras such as bra, underwear, and robe. The material is rich and the breathability is good.

Type 7: Three points of sex underwear

Three -point erotic underwear is an open sexy underwear. There are three connection points, usually consisting of two loose bands and a folder.This underwear design is simple, but it shows the innocence of girls and sexy.

Type 8: Sports and sexy underwear

Sports and sexy underwear is a very special sexy underwear. Some people think that it is a sign of some sexual slaves or sex workers.This erotic underwear is composed of vests, underwear, gloves, and other similar items. It is often used in role -playing games or various theme parties.


Instant costumes Interesting underwear is a very interesting and fashionable cultural trend. It not only allows people to enjoy the sense of art and fashion, but also bring people a sexy and charming atmosphere.However, when wearing this sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the adaptability of the occasion and the body to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and derogation.

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