European and American sexy underwear flow Soviet style

European and American sexy underwear flow Soviet style

European and American sexy underwear flow Soviet style

The design style of European and American sexy underwear is unique, chic, bold and sexy. It is characterized by diverse styles, rich colors, elegant use, and strong feelings.Among them, the Liu Su style is a more popular type.This article will introduce the characteristics and method of dressing in European and beautiful lingerie.

1. The material of tassel underwear

The tassel style of European and American sexy underwear mostly uses high -end silk and other fabrics, soft and smooth, comfortable and breathable, and can be shaped.The tassel is stitched by silk or other soft materials, and it is generally hand -woven, which is very delicate.These details make the tassel style the best in the sexy underwear.

2. tassel effect

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The focus of the tassel style is the decorative effect.When the tassel floats, it will swing with the body, like a blooming flower, which is very coordinated.The tassel will shake in all directions, so as long as it moves a little, the underwear designed by the tassel will emit obsessive charm and create a blurred and seductive atmosphere.

3. How to wear the streaming style

The style of European and American sex lingerie flowers is divided into various styles, including tassel design with chest, hips, legs and other parts.Not only that, there are two sets of streamlined sexy underwear, three -piece currents, spoils, and other styles, making the choice more abundant.Despite different ways to wear the streaming style, they can still be worn and washed as usual.Before wearing underwear, you must verify whether the size of the underwear is suitable for you to avoid uncomfortable wear.

4. The combination of streaming sovereas

The style of European and American sex lingerie is very distinctive, so you must choose the right item during the matching process.It is recommended to choose a pure color skirt or tights to highlight the effect of the tassel, but be careful not to be too publicized to avoid painting snakes.In addition, accessories such as high heels, long cornerstone chains can also increase the sexy feeling.

5. Storm style occasion

European and American sex lingerie flow styles are more special, suitable for wearing special occasions, such as sexy parties, Valentine’s Day or Carnival.In these special occasions, the sexy tassel design can make you attractive and become the focus of the audience.

6. Metal streaming style

European and American sex lingerie flowers are not limited to satin or cotton fabrics, but also very likely to use metal materials.The effect of metal tassels is very outstanding, and it is also much more durable than the fabric.

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7. Silk Flavored Soviet Style

Silk quality is one of the most commonly used materials in European and American sexy lingerie.Silk streaming is not only soft and comfortable, but also very elegant in color.The silk tassel is very good in terms of appearance or touch, it is a very creative design that some women love.

8. Black streaming style

In European and American sexy lingerie, black is one of the most popular colors.Black tassel underwear has endless charm, smooth and beautiful lines, and can shape sexy, mysterious and deep effects.In addition, the black texture and luster make women look sexy and is a very recommended style.

9. Washing method of streaming sovereign style

When washing the streamy -style sexy underwear, special attention should be paid.It is recommended to use a hand washing method to soak the underwear in warm water and gently rub it with a soft laundry solution.Avoid using strong scrubbing or dried machines to avoid damage to the quality of tassels.

10. Conclusion

Flowing style is a very popular style in European and beautiful underwear. It is suitable for wearing in various special occasions, highlighting the feminine and sexy side.Make tassels by hand -woven way, so it is very elegant, and the diversity of colors and patterns allows people to find their favorite styles more.Although washing Liu Su underwear needs attention, this failed to reduce the wearer’s love for tassel style.