Fairy underwear suitable for wearing at home

Fairy underwear suitable for wearing at home

Wearing sexy underwear at home is a kind of enjoyment of many women. It may not only increase sexy and self -confidence, but also regulate the physical and mental state.But unlike the outflow, the sexy underwear at home needs to pay more attention to practicality and comfort.Here are some sexy lingerie styles suitable for wearing at home:

Comfortable and sexy silk pajamas

Silk pajamas are classic choices for home -sexy underwear.The silk material is smooth and comfortable. After putting it on, it can outline the figure beautifully and personal, creating a charming and charming temperament.And the soft fabric will not be too tight or tighten the skin, so that you can get a comfortable rest all night.

Convenient and practical underwear suit

The underwear suits are mostly made of breathable, light, thin, scaling, such as cotton or elastic satin. It is also convenient to wash, so it is more suitable for home wearing.Choose a variety of styles, such as lace, lace, mesh and so on.

The cool and breathable robe

When you sleep at night or stay at home, you may feel cold, and you don’t want to wrap the whole body too tightly. At this time, you can choose a breathable robe.The robes are generally decorated with lace such as lace at shoulders and cuffs, and even transparent mesh coverage can show your sexy.

Warm and sexy robe

In winter, family sex underwear needs to pay more attention to thermality.The robes are the choice of many women, especially cashmere or wool such as warm -making robes.With sexy underwear, it will form a very good visual effect.

Easy and casual dress

The comfortable dress at home is also a good choice when leisure.The length is not too short, ensuring comfort and warmth, and you can move and work throughout your home.The color can also choose bright or print, which is more in line with the family’s affinity and relaxation.


The bathrobe can not only add tenderness after taking a bath, but also wearing comfortable, convenient, suitable for laziness all day.The effect of hiding meat is also good, perfectly showing women’s body curves.

The restraint that can reduce the sense of oppression

Resting the corset is a sexy underwear that can make you more comfortable.It does not squeeze the chest freely, but wraps the chest flexibly, so that you can maintain your ideal figure at home, and comfortable dressing can improve your confidence!

Transparent clothing

Wearing transparent sexy underwear at home, such as transparent lace shirts or transparent pantyhose, can bring yourself a different feeling.Transparent clothing can highlight the sexy curve on the body, and adds a romantic leisurely to the mood.


In short, family sex underwear needs to consider practicality and comfort, and at the same time, it is not forgotten to add a sexy and romantic.By suitable for your own materials and styles, you can create a female -style and comfortable family atmosphere.

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