Falling underwear, get rid of the video and touch the video

Falling underwear, get rid of the video and touch the video

Background introduction

Recently, there is a new type of sexy underwear on social platforms. This underwear has a unique feature -touched it.The so -called "touches the side" is that after wearing this sexy underwear, as long as the wearer plays the video on his mobile phone, as long as the protagonist in the video has movement, the underwear will fall off with the vibration module with the vibration moduleBring a sense of sexual stimulation to the wearer.The emergence of this sexy underwear has attracted the attention and discussion of many netizens.

Principle analysis

The principle of this sexy underwear is not complicated.A device called an electromagnet is attached to the underwear, which is connected to the specific software on the mobile phone to control the falling of the underwear.At the same time, the addition of the vibration module can bring additional stimulation to the wearer.

Market response

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With the popularity of this sexy underwear, its market response has gradually appeared.Many merchants have begun to get involved in this industry and launch various brands and style of sexy underwear.And this underwear has also become one of the tools for couples to enhance their feelings and love lovers in love, which is welcomed by young people.

Legal Risk

Although this sexy underwear is popular, it is also facing legal risks.According to media reports, the listing of this sexy underwear may be suspected of crime.Because the user may reach the purpose of touching and infringing others through this device.

Ethical issue

With the progress of society, ethical and moral issues are gradually valued.The appearance of this sexy underwear has also caused controversy in the ethical and moral world.Some people believe that this behavior is violated with moral ethics and should not be promoted.And some people believe that this is one of the ways for people to pursue happiness, but also an innovation and exploration.

risk control

Despite the risk of crime, we can reduce this risk through technical means.For example, when buying sexy underwear, merchants can ask buyers to provide strict identity proof to ensure their safe use.

Consumer advice

For consumers, carefully choose the brand and model of sexy underwear, choose the right store to buy, and use it strictly in accordance with the instructions of the use, so as not to cause unpredictable consequences.


Future trend

In the field of sexy underwear, it may be more mature, standardized and professional in the future.With the continuous development of technology, this sexy underwear may also develop in a more intelligent and humanized direction.


Although this kind of cut -off and touching underwear is controversial, its market demand is still very large.But while enjoying happiness, we must also pay attention to legal risks and ethics, maintain a rational mentality, so as not to leave regrets behind happiness.