Fun underwear boss is on the top

Note: This article aims to tell a fictional situation, which has nothing to do with any sexual assault incidents in reality. It is hoped that the reader looks rationally.

H2: The story of the boss of the sex lingerie store

In a bustling urban area, John and his partner opened a sexy underwear store.The fun underwear in the store is dazzling and loved by many female customers.However, the experience of the beauty boss Xiaofang is not perfect.

H2: Robbery in the room

At 11 o’clock in the evening, the boss Xiaofang was about to end the work on the day of the day, and suddenly heard a fierce knock on the door outside the shop.When she stepped forward, at the moment when the door was about to open, the door was kicked open.Four young men broke into the shop and held iron rods.Xiaofang was scared instantly.

H2: sexual assault occur

After the four men were smashed, they moved a table to let Xiaofang lie down.One person took out his phone and started to record this harsh case.Then, they had sexually assaulted Xiaofang, and even took the whole process, and threatened to say that as long as they did not give them money, they made the video public.

H2: The panic and helpless facing alone

In this extremely fearful incident, Xiaofang was completely helpless, and he was ashamed of being forced to be affected.She thought calmly and began to find a way to deal with this dilemma.

H2: Keep calm as much as possible

Xiaofang tried to keep herself calm down, be vigilant, and do what they can do.She understands that she needs to master her time and judge when it is the best time to ask for help.

H2: Try to get help

Although Xiaofang experienced a huge threat from these men, she never stopped moving.The safety knowledge that her family was instilled when she was a child made her think calmly.So she tried to find a chance to help.

H2: Her idea

At this time, Xiaofang thought of a trick from a friend who did business: under emergency situations, he could use GPS mobile phones to falsify and let his position appear elsewhere.She looked closely at the wall and found a small socket, thinking about having a charging wire, trying to ask for help from friends.

H2: The arrival of rescue

Xiaofang’s friend immediately reported to the police after learning that she was in danger.The police quickly arrived at the scene and rescued Xiaofang.However, the incident had hurt her deeply.

H2: Helpless negative emotions

After experiencing the severe creative life of rape, Xiaofang’s beginning was helpless, and she felt that she had lost control of herself.She tried to find a psychological counselor to seek help and alleviate the problems of these negative emotions.At the same time, I also realized that more people were experiencing sexual assault as her, and there was a vulnerability hidden in her heart.

H2: Character changes on the front

Xiaofang’s experience made her more concerned about sexual assault. She shared her own experience with people from all walks of life, hoping that some people would pay more attention to this sexual assault problem.She began to express some anti -sexual assault on social media to help more people understand preventive measures.

H2: Views

Sexual assault is a kind of humble and shameless evil in society. Each of us should strengthen the sense of prevention of sexual assault, especially women.At the same time, we should also encourage more people to act, speak, and say no to sexual assaults!

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