Girl comics in sexy underwear in imprisonment

Girl comics in sexy underwear in imprisonment

Girl comics in sexy underwear in imprisonment

With the change of the times, sexy underwear is no longer a mysterious clothing for private occasions, but is widely displayed and promoted.In some comic works, there are often depictions of beauty underwear scenes.However, in a comic called "Girls in the Prisoner of Fun underwear", the protagonist is not voluntarily wearing sexy underwear, but imprisoned in a strange place, please wear sexy underwear.The following is the introduction and interpretation of this comic.

Background introduction

"Girls with Instead of Performing Interests" is an ordinary 4 -grid comic, the author is Qingshan Guang.This comic mainly describes that two girls were imprisoned in a room, forced to put on sexy underwear, and were monitored.The style of these sexy underwear not only broke the imagination of the sky, but also made people question the author’s aesthetics.


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In comics, the performance of sexy underwear is crucial.When depicting these sexy underwear, the author not only broke through the traditional underwear design, but also designed the sexy underwear as the shape of various animals and plants, and even matched the sexual organs.Although the style is peculiar, it makes people feel sexy and gorgeous in their inherents.

Character description

The protagonist is two girls with different personalities, one is called 泷, and the other is called Budi.Is a bold and aggressive girl. Her attitude towards difficulties is bravely facing, and she does not shrink easily.Geyi is a shy and shy girl, often showing fear of unknown things.She was unwilling to wear fun underwear, but had to accept it.

Capture scene

The imprisonment scene in the comics is extremely characteristic.The scene is a place similar to a laboratory, in the basement, and is fixed in a strange environment.For the protagonist, this environment is fresh and beautiful, but it makes people feel evil, devastating and hostile.

Interpretation of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is worn on the skin, and it represents the charm of a woman.Different styles of sexy underwear can show the characteristics and different characteristics of different women.In the comics, these sexy underwear has become a tool for the protagonist to be controlled by strange characters, which makes people unconsciously produce some bad associations.

The meaning behind the story

Although the plot in the comics is bizarre, it represents a fear of being deprived of power.For women, sexy underwear is a choice and should not be forced.The plot in the comics makes people feel the power of women being forcibly deprived.This gives us more warning and thinking.

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Influence and evaluation

"Girls who are imprisoned in fun underwear" have been widely concerned and spread by people because of their strange plots and unique imagination.It not only reflects the maliciousness and humanity of some people in the society, but also makes people think that sexy underwear is not passive deprivation, but a positive experience.In general, while this comic is extremely exaggerated and spread, it also reminds people to cherish their rights and choices.


Although the comic work "Girls with Inbaging Wearing Fun Underwear" involves the topic of sexy underwear, the information it conveys is no longer the beauty and sexy of sex underwear, but the importance of women’s power and choice.For women, sexy underwear is just a tool for showing personality and charm, and should not be a tool for being deprived.