Good friends wear all kinds of sexy underwear novels

The story of wearing fun underwear between good friends

Have you ever thought about what kind of scenes will be wearing sexy underwear between good friends?Maybe some people think that this is a very attractive but outrageous thing, but I want to say that this is really a magical experience.Below I will share some small stories about wearing various sexy underwear between good friends.

Put on lace sexy underwear, recognition between good friends

I just made an appointment with my good friends to spend a weekend at home, but we don’t know how to pass the time.Just looking at the clothes on each other. Suddenly, my friend took out a pink lace sexy underwear from her suitcase, as if she bought it on the Internet.At that time, I didn’t even know what it was. It seemed that I just knew it was underwear that was worn on the bed.She invited me to put on underwear. For the first time, I experienced this small sense of joy, and the same experience also appeared on my friend’s face.

Experience the soft texture of carbon fiber love underwear

A few days later, my good friend and I sat on her sofa. I brought a carbon fiber love lingerie I bought on the Internet. Its appearance looked quite simple.However, when we put on it, the soft texture of this underwear made us fascinated.This feeling is very similar to linen cloth, but it is more breathable, making us feel extremely comfortable.We didn’t even want to take off even after wearing it.

Wearing T-back sexy underwear at the party, attracting everyone’s attention

In our New Year, there was nowhere to go because of too many gatherings.We thought, this is a good time to try to wear sexy underwear.My friend and I put on T-BACK sexy underwear, which is very suitable for the atmosphere of our young people.As a result, when we appeared at the party, everyone expressed great interest in our sexy style.When we were still interacting with the crowd, we suddenly found that we became the focus of parties.

I passed through transparent sexy underwear in the pool

My good friends and I often go to some holidays on the theme of swimming pools.There is a holiday hotspot, and people usually wear transparent sexy underwear and expose their bodies in the pool.That night, my friends and I realized that we had to buy some similar underwear to better integrate into this environment.We bought this kind of clothing, and then swim in the pool, enjoy the beach and unique atmosphere.This makes us feel closer to each other, and let us face the revealed body.

Put on Ribbon’s attractive sexy underwear and interact with good friends

Later night, my good friends and I put on Ribbon’s seductive sexy underwear with great interest, which made us suddenly have a strong attraction to each other.When we come into contact with each other and began to enjoy the fun of the body, we deeply feel this intimate relationship, and this relationship has deep effects on our bodies.

Taste the taste of novel sex, sexy underwear

A week later, my friend and I made another underwear salon.We bought some novel sexy sexy underwear. We tried separately and shared with each other, challenging each other.This interaction allows us to deeply understand each other’s perception and preferences.Through these experiences, we have a deeper experience and a better awareness of our body.

Wear a strap sexy underwear, relax and enjoy the night

One night, my friends and I put on a backbuilding sexy underwear, which made each of us very relaxed.With the in -depth interaction and close experience, we understand ourselves better and further understand the nature of sex.This intimate experience makes us more relaxed and enjoys deep interaction.

Put on blue sexy underwear and turn on a new journey

Recently, my good friend and I put on a blue sexy underwear. This color seems to be designed to cater to the trend and creativity.We spent all night together and enjoyed the fresh feelings brought by body interaction and erotic underwear.We even started a new journey, trying to stimulate and challenge ourselves.

Put on black and sexy underwear to understand yourself more deeply

In the end, my good friend and I decided to put on black sex underwear. This is the most discerning color of our two.When we put on it, we deeply understood ourselves and further interpreted the feelings and interaction between each other.That night, we gained a lot of new experiences in our depth journey, and we also gave up some stereotypes about sex.


These small stories between good friends wearing sexy underwear prove one thing: it is not only a visual stimulus, but also emotional and psychological stimuli. It allows us to better understand ourselves and each other,Further understand the nature of sex.For sexy underwear, we can’t describe it so simply. It is a way of reflecting humanity. It is an experience that can find and touch the body and soul.

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