Husband sells sexy underwear to find models to take pictures

Husband sells sexy underwear to find models to take pictures

Husband’s idea

Recently, my husband bought a few sexy underwear on the Internet. He was very fascinated by these clothes and was even obsessed with.Recently, he put forward an idea that he wanted to ask a few models to take photos of these sexy underwear and tried to post these photos on social media.

Sexy underwear temptation

My husband has always been curious about sexy underwear. He believes that sexy underwear can not only add fun to the life between couples, but also make women full of confidence and sexy.He began to collect a lot of information about sexy underwear, and often purchased sexy underwear on major online shopping platforms.

Model scheme proposal

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As far as I know, he searched for some professional model teams, ready to arrange models to try on these sexy underwear and take photos.In his opinion, in this way, it can better show the beauty and temptation of sexy underwear and attract more attention.

Certification of cooperation methods

After discussing it for a while, my husband and I decided to cooperate with a company specializing in the promotion of affection underwear.This company will provide us with professional models and photographers to help us create a set of high -quality sexy underwear photography.

Model selection criteria

The models provided by the company are very beautiful, young, and their bodies are very good. This needs to meet my husband’s requirements.Of course, the professionalism and professional quality are also one of the measurement standards.

The location and set of shooting

The company will provide us with the scenes and sets of sexy underwear themes in order to better show the charm of sexy underwear.Of course, we can also put forward our own ideas and suggestions, and exchanges and cooperation.

Post -processing of photos

The company will be responsible for the post -processing of the photo to ensure the quality and beauty of the photo, so that people can better appreciate the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear.


Social media operation

We will publish these photos on social media and introduce erotic underwear to show the charm of sexy underwear and attract more attention and fans.At the same time, it can also satisfy people’s curiosity and let everyone better understand love underwear.


Although this idea is a bit bold and alternative, we have succeeded under our efforts.Through cooperation with professional institutions, we not only successfully demonstrated the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear, but also attracted the attention and love of more people.We believe that interesting underwear can not only bring beauty and sexy, but also add different fun and surprises to life.