I found that the high school son bought a sexy underwear

I found that the high school son bought a sexy underwear

Background introduction

Recently, I found that my son’s son had bought some sexy underwear online.I was very surprised and confused.

first reaction

My first response was shocked, because I think my son is too young and should not come into contact with this sexy thing.I started to consider how to deal with this matter.

Research sexy underwear

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In order to better understand my son’s behavior, I started studying sexy underwear.I found that sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types, including stockings, high heels, camisole vests, back skirts, lace underwear, and so on.Some of these underwear are used to increase sexy and attract the opposite sex, while others are used to increase interaction, interests, and changes between couples.

Understand the behavior of teenagers

After reading further, I think it is important to understand the behavior of my son at this time.Teenagers often explore their sex and body unknowingly, which is a very normal behavior.However, I am still worried whether my son’s behavior is appropriate because he has not been an adult.

Consultation expert

Considering the severity of the problem, I decided to consult an expert.After communicating with experts, I learned about some situations. For example, my son’s behavior at this time was a normal exploration process. It is normal for youth to try new things and explore himself at this stage.In addition, the purchase of children’s supplies for minors is strictly supervised, and sex products do not belong to the category of children’s supplies, and the law is not prohibited.

Understand the risks of exploration

Although the son’s behavior is normal, this does not mean no risk.For example, there are great security risks to buy goods through the Internet, and there are problems with the quality, safety and legality of these products.In addition, the son may receive wrong information or inappropriate guidance during the exploration process, causing him to make a wrong decision.

Talk to my son

In order to avoid unnecessary risks and negative effects, I decided to talk to my son.In the conversation, I explained to him the risk of sexy underwear for minors and warned him to stop this behavior as soon as possible.I explained the relevant legal terms of adults and the corresponding punishment.At the same time, I encourage my son to try more healthy, safe and useful exploration methods to ensure healthy physical and mental development.


Keep attention and support

Despite talking and warnings, I still realize that my son needs attention and support.I have always maintained communication with my son, paying attention to his status and behavior, and timely helping him to solve problems and confusion.I hope my support can help him grow up healthily.

Guide the son to explore correctly

In the conversation, I emphasized the correct exploration method to my son.I told him to choose a safe, healthy and beneficial way to obtain the satisfaction of self -exploration.At the same time, in family education, I will also pay attention to providing more help and guidance, including correct education on the concepts and methods of self -exploration.

my point of view

As a father, I am deeply responsible.In my opinion, minors must be directed by the guardian in terms of exploration, not acting alone.My point is that parents should actively advocate healthy, safe and correct exploration methods, and provide guidance and help for their children to achieve healthy growth and comprehensive development.