Plum sexy underwear temptation photo video

Plum sexy underwear temptation photo video

Plum sexy underwear temptation photo video

Interest underwear is no longer just a lonely person, nor is it just the passionate dress in lovers. It has become a part of women’s self -feelings.Various types and styles of sexy underwear can be seen everywhere on the market.Especially for those full women, choosing the right sexy underwear can make them more beautiful and confident.

Plum women’s underwear options

As a sexy underwear expert, I suggest plump women to choose a strong sexy underwear, such as thickened support cups and tight belts.These designs can increase the comfort of underwear while shaping the body.At the same time, half cups or full cups are good choices for full women. Not only can it improve the lines of the chest, but also alleviate the flesh beyond the cup mouth, which looks more natural.

Sexy but not exposed style

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For plump women, it is very important to selectively sexy but not exposed.Excessive exposure will make the figure look fuller and not elegant enough, so choosing some high -waist and layered styles can look more charming.

Sexy elements of sexy underwear

When choosing a plump woman underwear, sexy elements are also important.Such as hollow, lace, lace, bow, etc. are elements that can strengthen sexy temperament.Fresh colors such as white and pink are more suitable for young girls.

Color matching skills

Color matching skills are also crucial for plump women.Avoid too exaggerated color matching, such as pink yellow, red and black, and so on.Instead, you should choose the color matching of the same color system, such as pink and pink purple.

How to wear erotic underwear

When a plump woman wears sexy underwear, it reduces the exposure of pants or shorts. Instead, she can choose long skirts and short skirts.In this way, in addition to enhancing the sexy of the underwear, it can also have a thin effect.

Material selection

For full women, the choice of material is also very important.Generally speaking, choosing cotton and breathable fabrics will be more comfortable and natural.At the same time, underwear materials will also affect the overall image. Therefore, you must choose materials with high gloss and delicate texture, which can improve the overall quality.


Plum women’s underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.When fulfilling women’s underwear, full women should choose to wash with lower water temperature. Do not destroy the structure of the underwear itself too much. At the same time, avoid hanging drying and drying it with natural air.

Combined with video appreciation

The video will be better to understand the style, texture and wearing effect of love underwear.Especially for full women, videos can better experience the sexy charm of sexy underwear.Therefore, watching full of fun underwear temptation photo video is a very good choice.

The charm of sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is a manifestation of women’s love.Interest underwear allows us to be confident and attractive, and more importantly, help women feel self -beauty, confidence and dignity.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear and creating a self -confidence image will make you more attractive.