School flowers to shoot sex underwear

School flowers to shoot sex underwear


Shooting sex underwear is one of the most challenging fields of photographers, because while ensuring beauty, it is also necessary to take into account the softness, sexy, breathable, texture and other elements of sexy underwear.I know the way of sexy underwear, and recently received a sexy underwear shooting task of hitting a shirt.Next, I will share with you some of my experience in shooting school flowers and pornographic underwear.

School flowers’ sexy underwear selection

Before starting shooting, we need to discuss with the model what sexy underwear will wear.If you are shooting product advertisements, you can choose according to your needs, but this time it is related to personal dress, you need to ensure that the model likes the style and color of sexy underwear to ensure that she is confident, pleasant and relaxed.

Choice of taking pictures

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The selection of the location of the photo is an important factor affecting the shooting effect.Under normal circumstances, choosing a simple background environment or adding a few interesting small embellishments can make sexy underwear and models more prominent.For example, you can consider choosing to take pictures in gardens, rooms or bells.

Light selection

Light is a very important part of shooting. Selecting suitable light can make sexy underwear and models show the most beautiful side.If you take a picture outdoors, you can choose the bright sunlight coming from the face.If it is indoors, you can consider some light sources that can be brightened for sexy underwear.You can also use lights to emphasize the style of the model’s face and sexy underwear.

Pose choice

The choice of Pose posture is very important. A correct Pose can make the model more beautiful and show the most perfect state.When choosing a Pose posture, you should consider the characteristics of sexy underwear and models, use light to emphasize the lines of sexy underwear, and consider the comfort of sexy underwear, so that the model will not have any pain or sensitivity during the shooting process.

The layout and composition of sexy underwear

The layout and composition of sexy underwear are a serious consideration.For those spelling, beads or more complex sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to their effects and emphasize them in layout.For those simple and monotonous sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the use of the Pose effect to compose to make it more lively.

The problem of treating body hair and stains

When we take pictures, it is easy to find that the model’s arm, back and legs have some fine body hair or stains.In response to these small problems, we can use later treatment to solve.You can handle the model’s skin through beauty software, or apply skin care products to the model.

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Strengthen the effect of background and sexy underwear

In the process of shooting, it is also necessary to pay special attention to the background and sexy underwear related to the model.You can use special filters to strengthen exposure and increase brightness to ensure that the color of the sexy underwear is bright and clear, and the background is clearer.

Selection of shooting equipment

For the shooting of sexy underwear, the choice of camera and lens is a very important part.It is recommended to use a SLR camera with high pixels, thorough photos, and less vibration, and use special lenses to enhance the effect when shooting.

The atmosphere during the shooting process is created

Finally, pay attention to the creation of the atmosphere in the shooting. The cooperation mentality between the model and the photographer must be harmonious, work together to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, so that the model can feel the greatest freedom and pleasure in the shooting, so as to be perfectShooting the beauty of sexy underwear.


Take care of many factors and pay high efforts and investment.However, as long as you have full preparation and serious attitude and some creativity, you can definitely achieve the perfect shooting effect.