Selling sex underwear name Daquan male

Selling sex underwear name Daquan male

Selling sex underwear name Daquan male

As a professional sexy underwear expert, we know the importance of sales and product naming of sexy underwear to sales and brand promotion.This article will bring you the name of the name of the sexy underwear for a reference for the sales of sexy underwear.

1. Avant -style styling series

The avant -garde styling series represents a stylish and personality underwear style. Its product naming also needs to pursue the matchmaking with the brand image, such as the crazy dragon, the dark goddess, romantic pink and other products.Men’s choice of pursuit of fashion trends.

2. Sexy suit series

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The sexy suit series is the most common and the highest sales of sexy underwear. Its product naming should also be simple and clear without losing their personality, such as: Interesting red suits, sexy net sock sets, SM sex sets, etc. These products are suitable for those who like to challenge challengesSensory limits, pursuit of stimulating male choices.

3. Fashion Home Service Series

Now more and more male friends are wearing home clothes at home. These products can wear comfortable and stylish style.The product naming of the fashion home service series should meet the aesthetic standards of men, such as: fashion home service, comfortable cotton home clothing, warm pajamas suits, etc. Such products are suitable for those men who pursue quality, comfort, and fashion.

4. Extreme touch series

The ultimate touch series allows people to feel the experience of sexy underwear from the touch. Such products are suitable for some sexy and excellent tactile naming, such as: tropical rain forests, shining starry sky, etc. Such products are suitable for those pursuit of those pursuitSensory experience, men who like to try new things.

5. Professional function underwear series

Professional underwear series is a type of underwear specifically for sexual function.The naming of these products should highlight functionality, such as enhancement of male power, BES and Best sex lingerie, men’s professional sets of underwear, etc. Such products are suitable for men who pursue orgasm and improve sexual quality.

6. Super perspective underwear series

Super perspective underwear series is a very eye -catching sexy underwear category. Such products should highlight their perspective performance, such as: semi -transmitted underwear suits, super perspective sexy underwear, full transparent underwear, etc. This type of product is suitable for those who like to try visual stimuli, Bold and daring to show their male choices.

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7. Quotation accessories series

The sex accessories series is a matching product for assisting sex underwear.The naming of such products should highlight its matching performance, such as: sex gloves, bellybands, belts, etc. Such products are suitable for men who pursue sexy underwear additional products.

8. Inflatable Doll Series

The sex inflatable doll series is a form of underwear with a strong "interest". In order to increase the sales of products, such products are named naming with interesting and humorous systems, such as: Transformers and sexy rabbit girls.Products are suitable for men who like to laugh and scold and spoof humorous.

9. Sex underwear customization series

The products of this type of underwear are customized according to the needs of personalization, and customized underwear materials, colors, sizes, styles and other individual needs.This type of product name should highlight characteristics, customization, personality, etc., such as: private customized underwear, custom sexy underwear, special personality underwear, etc. This type of product is suitable for men who like to customize products and have strong personalized needs.

10. Sexy bellyband

The sexy bellyband is known as the "belly man" because of its direct exposure of the belly button.This type of underwear is usually simple and clear, such as: sexy bellyband, men’s nightclub underwear, star -like sexy underwear, etc. This type of product is suitable for men who are fit for all year -round fitness and show their good figures.

In short, the sales of sexy underwear are inseparable from a good product naming. Good naming can deepen the impression of the product’s product of the product, thereby enhancing the brand image and promoting sales.Therefore, in the process of product naming, we should pay attention to the characteristics of the product, highlight personality, fit the brand image, and allow the brand to synchronize with the consumer group.