Several kinds of sexy underwear are divided into several types

Several kinds of sexy underwear are divided into several types

Sex underwear is a unique type of underwear, which aims to improve the sexual attraction and satisfaction of sexual fantasies.Interesting underwear is not only different from traditional underwear in appearance. Its designers also pay special attention to comfort and performance, making users feel comfortable and comfortable when wearing.The different types of sexy underwear will be introduced below.

# 1. Sexual behavior category

This type of sexy underwear aims to improve the sexual attraction of women and sexual desire for men.These underwear usually include straps, sexy underwear or seats, sexy vests, auxiliary devices and toys.

# 2. Professional category

These erotic underwear simulate various professional scenarios, such as police, nurses, flight attendants, and so on.These underwear imitate professional uniforms in appearance and function, so that users can feel different identities and roles when playing.

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# 3. Fun Show Category

The design of the sex show is inspired by the fashion show.Most underwear uses fashion as a blueprint, including various popular elements and exquisite patterns.This erotic underwear perfectly shows women’s figure, making people want to enter the right.

# 4. Nightclub category

This type of sexy underwear pays more attention to fashion and gorgeous design.Some underwear use bright colors and luminous materials to make women wear them more dazzling in the nightclub.

# 5. Leather category

This sexy underwear is usually made of leather.This underwear is more tension and supportive than other materials, and has a certain toughness.The design of these underwear includes some classic transparent or open crotch styles, which can meet the various needs of users.

# 6. Interesting corset

Interesting corset includes a variety of corset and chest decoration, including lace, silk, mesh, metal and jewelry, etc. The unique design can meet the different needs of each woman.

# 7. bellyband


This sexy underwear is a simple sexy underwear, which is mainly color and stripe design, suitable for women with any body.

# 8. Hanging straps

This sexy underwear design has a top and hanging strap to bring a more sexy appearance and suit for women.

# 9. Skirt

This erotic underwear includes a variety of skirts, including lace and silk material, which is designed for various occasions and use scenarios.Some skirts are covered with spots and mesh continuous lines, making women more sexy and sexy when they wear.

# 10. decompression class

This kind of sexy underwear is designed to pursue comfortable and sexy women, which aims to reduce the pressure on the body.Knitting materials and comfortable design make women suitable for this type of underwear more natural and pleasant.

In summary, everyone can find their favorite underwear from the various types of sex underwear.Whether it is single, love or married, sexy underwear can also meet your various needs and bring different sexy experiences.