Sex underwear Beauty Salon Massage

Sex underwear Beauty Salon Massage


Sex underwear is generally considered a tool to improve the quality of sex.However, under the right and moderate use, they can become a beauty health tool.Interest underwear beauty salon massage can not only enhance the elasticity and firmness of the skin, but also help promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow.Below, we will deeply explore the benefits and skills of sexy underwear beauty salon massage.

Choose suitable underwear

If you want to enjoy the benefits of sexy underwear beauty salon massage, choosing underwear that suits you is the key.The tight underwear or too small underwear will affect the effect of massage, and even cause the skin to be overexposed.Therefore, it is important to choose underwear suitable for your size and comfort.

Prepare massage oil

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The use of massage oil can enhance the effects of sexy underwear beauty salon massage.Classic massage oils such as almond oil, olive oil and sesame oil are good choices.These oils have the effect of moisturizing the skin, and can help their hands better massage.


Massage your hands should be soft and do not excessive force, otherwise it will damage the skin tissue.At the beginning, gently massage, and then gradually strengthen the massage depth.When massaging, you can use methods such as push, pulling, pressing, and rubbing. Pay attention to often replace the method so that the skin can be stimulated in all aspects.


During the massage, you should pay attention to the following points: First, pay attention to uniform force during massage to avoid unnecessary stimuli.Secondly, the massage process must be carried out in the direction of the lymphatic flow in order to promote the lymphatic circulation.Finally, make full use of the area of the palm when massage, so as to avoid excessive effort to cause skin pain.

Massage time and number

The time and number of sexy underwear beauty salons massage are the key.It is recommended to massage for 10 to 15 minutes each time, 1 to 2 times a week.This can maintain your health and keep your skin firm and elastic.


Before the sexy underwear beauty salon massage, please make sure your skin and hand are cleaned.If there is a wound or lesion in the skin, do not massage the injured area.In addition, pay attention to moderate when using underwear, otherwise your body will be injured due to excessive use of underwear.

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Suitable crowd

Interesting underwear beauty salon massage is suitable for anyone, especially those who have long -term office, those who are habitually lacking exercise, pregnant women, postpartum women, postpartum recovery periods, and obese people.For the above groups, sexy underwear massage is an economical, simple and effective beauty method.

Effect and risk

Interesting underwear beauty salon massage is conducive to promoting the body’s blood circulation and lymphatic flow, reducing stress and fatigue, and helping the skin’s firmness and moisturizing.However, if it is not used properly, sexy underwear may also damage the skin.Therefore, before use, please make sure to understand the corresponding use methods and maintain moderate and cautious.


Different from daily beauty methods, sexy underwear beauty salon massage can make the body comprehensively and deeply relax, and at the same time, it can also achieve the purpose of skin care.If you are looking for a new beauty method, you might as well massage the beauty salon for the sexy underwear.