Sex underwear boxing competition novel reading

Sex underwear boxing competition novel reading

Opening remark

The year of the warm current, time is.This spring, we ushered in a unique boxing game.Differently, in this game, the players are not in traditional boxing equipment, but in various forms of sexy underwear.So, what kind of sexy underwear can become a successful boxing equipment?

Sexuality cannot be dropped behind

In this game, sexy is an essential element.Excellent sexy underwear is more likely to capture the attention of the audience due to the extra points of sexy.The dark -colored erotic underwear such as red and black can highlight the sexy of women, while the bright colors are more lively and affinity.

Comfort is the last word

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In boxing competitions, players need to keep high tension at all times, so comfort is particularly important.Too tight or too tight sexy underwear may affect the player’s ability to move, thereby reducing combat effectiveness.Choosing a soft and relaxed sexy underwear can make the players play more freely.

Body shape is the key

Because everyone’s body differences are particularly important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for their bodies.For female players participating in boxing competitions, it is important to ensure good support on the chest.At this time, the classic bras are also a good choice.

Material determination quality

Material is an important factor affecting the quality of sexy underwear.High -quality erotic underwear needs to use comfortable and breathable, elastic fabrics, so as to better relieve the feelings during exercise.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the appearance beauty of the sexy underwear, and choose exquisite fabrics, small decoration and fine details.

Temperament is very important

A person’s temperament determines her taste and style.Interest underwear is no exception.Participants need to choose sexy underwear that conform to their temperament characteristics.For example, players with strong aura can choose bright color sexy underwear, or emphasize decorative styles; and soft and elegant players can choose simple and generous styles.

Mainly coherent style

In terms of sexy underwear, players also need to pay attention to the coherence of style.The unity of the overall style can make it easier for the audience to remember the players and make a deep impression on it.Therefore, players need to consider how to create their own style from many aspects such as color, material.

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Unique gender is charming

In a boxing competition, the corners of different players’ sexy underwear are obviously differentiated. Choosing a unique sexy underwear can make the players unique in the game.Unique sexy underwear can not only bring the audience’s encouragement and appreciation, but also to better show the players’ personality.


In this unique boxing game, sexy underwear has become one of the essential equipment for players.Dressing a sexy underwear with proper, comfortable material, high sexuality, and bright temperament is the key to winning the boxing competition.At the same time, the details of sexy underwear, style coherence, and uniqueness are all factors that require players to consider carefully. Players can only get better results only under the elements of all aspects.