Sex underwear Chinese competition

Sex underwear Chinese competition

Step 1: Player selection

In the annual sex lingerie competition, dozens of beauties are selected.The organizer will ask the player to submit the registration form and photos in order to select qualified candidates.

Step 2: Style design

Each player needs to design the style of sexy underwear according to his body shape and image, and master the proportion, color and tailoring.Players can ask the designer to help, or design it by themselves.Design should highlight the characteristics of the figure and highlight the sexy charm.

Step 3: Costume production

Sexy Rabbit Ears Head Wear – 7684

The designer will produce according to the design draft submitted by the player. The production of sexy underwear needs to have strict cutting, sewing, detail processing and other processes. Perfect clothing cutting and details will bring a better visual experience to the referee.

Step 4: Player trial installation

Before the game, each player had to conduct a trial to ensure the appropriateness and overall effect of the clothing.When trying, pay attention to the comfort, sexuality and stage presentation of the clothing.

Step 5: Topic interpretation

The sex lingerie competition usually has a theme. Players need to perform interpretation based on the theme, express design concepts and creativity, highlight the cultural connotation and personality characteristics of clothing, thereby attracting the attention of the audience.

Step 6: Judge score

The jury scores according to the players’ shape, design, production, trial installation and interpretation.The scoring standards generally include the creativity of clothing design, overall effect, stage performance, dance skills, temperament and charm.

Step 7: Review of well -known people

During the competition, some well -known people will be invited to comment on the spot. They will share their views on clothing design and performance from a professional perspective, so that players can get more comprehensive feedback and guidance.

Plus Tops

Step 8: Awards ceremony

According to the overall score of the judges, the organizer will announce the top awards at the award ceremony to award the trophy and bonuses.At the same time, multiple awards such as best design awards and best performance awards will be awarded.

Step 9: Promotion and promotion

Interest underwear competitions are not only a cultural feast, but also a promotion activity.The competition will report and publicize on major media to attract more audiences to pay attention and shared until the formation of the brand effect.

Step 10: Future Outlook

The development prospects of sex underwear competitions in China are broad. With the development of society and people’s acceptance of sex culture, sexy underwear culture will be more and more valued.I believe that in the future, the sex underwear competition will become an important form of Chinese fashion culture and sex culture, so as to better promote the development of the sexy underwear industry.

The above is an introduction to the Chinese competition of sexy underwear. In order to ensure the success of the game, the players and the organizers need to pay a lot of effort.It is hoped that this competition can attract more people to pay attention to sexy underwear culture and promote the development of the sexy underwear industry and the sexual cultural industry.